Friday, 3 August 2018

The Trio

Wednesday 1st August 2018


It was Three years ago that we had Three visitors from the caravan park, well the Three returned to see the progress on Broadway Station.

Here they are, in front of the partially built signal box on the track bed in 2015.

Here they are, arriving up the driveway.

Now on Platform 1 ready to greet the first train in from Cheltenham, all of them giving loud whistles.

It was then off to the village green at Broadway to entertain the many visitors.


We now have two picnic tables situated near the shop. So passengers waiting for the train, can sit out in the sunshine.

Bric a Brac Shop

Julie has requested, more bric-a-brac required, especially items for children. Don't forget it is Teddy Bear Tuesday all this month.

Broadway Maintenance Team

Yours truly was on station duties again so was able to look across at Platform 2 and see my fellow colleagues at work. It was another day of  clearing and tidying up.

 Chris put plastic mesh around the holes where the bottom of the footsteps from the bridge will end.

Tony, Rod, Terry, Bob & Paul moved three stacks of bricks to our storage compound.

Pat was out with the strimmer and cleared a large swathe over the embankment.

Signal & Telegraph 

A team of four was in attendance today fitting more rodding and preparing the ground for more rollers. They are now near the turnouts.

The signal box in the afternoon had a group of visitors led by Neil Carr showing the operation of the leavers, etc.

Vic (your blog reporter).

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