Thursday, 16 August 2018

Middle of August

Monday 13th August

Today there were seven volunteers reporting for duty and it was fortuitous for us, as it was Brian's birthday and he brought in a very delicious chocolate cake! 
Sorry no photos! By the time the photographer appeared on the scene there was nothing to photograph!

 The Woodwork Team

The three (Musketeers) were busy. Peter continuing with the leaflet holders and Dave /Brian working on a new design for our refuse boxes which we hope will take recycle items as well as rubbish.  

Peter with the paint brush.

The Painter

We had just one painter in today, Mike S who covered the metal work carried out last Monday by Peter K. He then continued with a second coat on the Lamp Hut.

Mike getting the brush off.

The Needles

Not the area down near the Isle of Wight but all over the platforms and down the drive. Tony and Paul made a great effort to collect as many of the needles shed from the conifer trees and took them over to the bonfire area to burn 

Tony and Paul getting the needle.


Vic as usual was pottering in the garden. Just a little bit of rain and it all goes mad. Trimming and dead heading was the main job, plus loosening up the soil.

Have I missed anything?

Wednesday 15th August

As there was limited requirement for working at Broadway Station, some of the volunteers went to Toddington to help with the fence repair.

What do you think of it so far?

Rubbish I hear you say! Quite right! Broadway Station, along with our other stations have black rubbish bins distributed around the site. Jo came up with an alternative box, based on what had been seen at other heritage line stations, to camouflage the collection of rubbish. This has proved reasonably successful as a request for further boxes have been received. 


Being modern-minded, although we are a historic railway, a new design is being produced to include recycling facilities as can be seen in the above photo. One side rubbish the other for recycling.


Our Bric-a-Brac-Shop is helping to increase Broadway Station funds, so a big thank you to all our contributors. We still need more, so any donations would be welcome. We are also looking for people to help run our shop. Any offers would be gratefully received. Talk to Julie or John to find out more.

Car Park

Three weeks ago the contractors arrived to begin construction of the council car park next to the Station. The photo below shows the progress made so far. This was taken from the Childswickham Road. 


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Teddy Bear

Monday 6th August

It was forecast Blue Skies but we got light cloud. ELO would have been better!. Still it made things more comfortable for working, this was the day before Teddy Bear Tuesday.


Vic was on weed removal and gardening, whilst Keith was clearing up all the cuttings from last Wednesday trimming around the Signal Box.


Peter Q, Dave H and Brian the carpenters were busy assembling and cutting various bits of wood.


Peter K was adjusting the fixing brackets on the posts for the modesty screens.


Mike was adding a couple of undercoats to the lamp hut. The other Mike to add top coat on Wednesday.

Bank Work

Pat was once again cutting grass, first with a hover mower, then clearing the bank above Platform 2 with a strimmer.


Neil C arrived with Diesel went through the station and picked up the Troublesome Trucks. (sorry, seen to much Thomas).
As last week Neil was collecting more concrete cabling troughs to stack on the trucks. Only 500 more to go!!. He also had a little help from Keith.

Also on site today was Gordon W who with help from Dave B measured out the staff parking area for the eventual surfacing.

Other visitors were the heating engineer checking the station system, our Chairman Richard J bringing plans for the kitchen and several folk calling to find out what trains were running this week.

Wednesday 8th August

It is now the day after the Teddy Bears visit, there were none around so all ok. Yours truly was on Platform 1 again, so it was photos across the track bed to see what was happening.


The team of two, Peter and Dave, were assembling another picnic bench, this was installed with the other two tables near the shop at the end of the day


A larger team were on Platform two embankment near the signal box removing a large amount of shrub growth.


The first train and the last train was hauled by Foremark Hall, the other train using the heavy freight loco 4270.

Bric a Brac Shop

The shop was well patronised and sales were good. Every penny donated helps Broadway Station in its upkeep.

More bric a brac is very welcome say Julie and Steve.

Trespass Rules

A sign has been posted!!


Friday, 3 August 2018

The Trio

Wednesday 1st August 2018


It was Three years ago that we had Three visitors from the caravan park, well the Three returned to see the progress on Broadway Station.

Here they are, in front of the partially built signal box on the track bed in 2015.

Here they are, arriving up the driveway.

Now on Platform 1 ready to greet the first train in from Cheltenham, all of them giving loud whistles.

It was then off to the village green at Broadway to entertain the many visitors.


We now have two picnic tables situated near the shop. So passengers waiting for the train, can sit out in the sunshine.

Bric a Brac Shop

Julie has requested, more bric-a-brac required, especially items for children. Don't forget it is Teddy Bear Tuesday all this month.

Broadway Maintenance Team

Yours truly was on station duties again so was able to look across at Platform 2 and see my fellow colleagues at work. It was another day of  clearing and tidying up.

 Chris put plastic mesh around the holes where the bottom of the footsteps from the bridge will end.

Tony, Rod, Terry, Bob & Paul moved three stacks of bricks to our storage compound.

Pat was out with the strimmer and cleared a large swathe over the embankment.

Signal & Telegraph 

A team of four was in attendance today fitting more rodding and preparing the ground for more rollers. They are now near the turnouts.

The signal box in the afternoon had a group of visitors led by Neil Carr showing the operation of the leavers, etc.

Vic (your blog reporter).

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Winter's coming!

Monday 23rd July 2018

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

John and Neal were busy creating a fireplace in the Refreshment Room.

Also in the Refreshment Room was Mike S priming wood ready to be used on the Modesty Screen outside the kitchen.

Whoops the camera moved!

Picnic Bench 2

Our carpenters, Peter and Dave, were busy making another picnic table. This one will be octagonal in shape.

Disabled Parking Area

Tony, Ron and Vic reset the posts for the disabled parking area which is now opposite the entrance to the Station. Further work will be carried out on Wednesday to finish the fixing of the posts. Vic also carried out duties on the weed killing front.


A Class 37 Diesel arrived. Unusual for a Monday! It had come from Toddington to pickup some flat wagons for S&T to load the concrete troughs stored on Platform 2.


A team from the S&T dept were also at Broadway Station making progress with the rodding for the turnouts at the northern end.

Making a box for the compensators and adjusting the platform end so that the point rodding is able to pass through.

Wednesday 25th July

Car Park

Today, work commenced on the construction of a car park near the Station. The permissive footpath, running from Evesham Road to Childswickham Road, will be closed for 12 weeks.


We had a film crew here today capturing a departing steam train to Cheltenham. The Lygon Arms Hotel are compiling a promotional video of Broadway Village which will incorporate Broadway Station.

North End

A team were busy at the north end of Platforms 1 & 2. Tony, Bob and Steve were sorting out a catch pit, whilst Rod, Terry and Clive were finishing the fence posts installation.

Diesel Gala

In preparation for the three day event, two gazebos have been erected next to Friends of Broadway Station Shop. This involved Peter, Dave, Paul and Ron bringing tables and chairs from the messroom and storage areas.

Bric a Brac Shop

The goods shop today was operated by Steve and Julie who encountered a goodly number of visitors throughout the day.

Car Park

Containers arriving for the commencement of the Wychavon DC car park near to the Station.

Station Staff

Vic (your blog reporter), was on station duties today as Station Assistant (Porter), working with Bob (Station Master) and Phil (BOC). Some people travel a long way to work on our railway, York is where Bob commutes. I'm lucky, only a 10 min drive for me.


Broadway is proving very favourable with folk wanting ride on our trains. We had a queue of people wanting to buy tickets which extended beyond the doorway and the first train from Cheltenham is always popular with passengers wanting to spend the day in Broadway Village.

Teddy Bears

It's not "If you go down to the woods today" but we did have a visit from Paddington and Broadway Bears. Next month, all Tuesdays will be Teddy Bear Tuesdays, so come along and bring your Teddy for a train ride. Broadway Bear has been with the railway since 2010, when he was rescued from Marguerite's Bric a Brac Shop at Toddington.