Saturday, 10 November 2018

Rain and more Rain, then wind

Monday 5th November

A date to remember with a fire on the go as Clive clears the embankment near Station Road. Outside on the road adjacent were Western Power installing pipework for the electrical cable that will run under the road into the car park.

Station Loft

Dave and Peter Q were finishing off the installation of loft boards. Dave admiring their handiwork whilst Peter is beavering away.

The Bench

Sometimes it is nice to sit and chat about the days work Tony and Peter K planning what's next.

Wednesday 7th November

Brick Cleaning

A number of requests had been received as to whether the brick work could be cleaned. Today a pressure washer was used to improve the appearance. So as not to damage the pointing wire brushing was also required.

Vic was again in the Station garden dodging the showers. Only one barrow load was collected before the heavens open with a heavy deluge so rain stopped play. I think the collection was more for the bonfire the composting. Yuck, yuck it was from a Yucca.

Saturday 10th November

Yesterday was very windy, so todays first job was to collect all the fallen branches and more pine needles. Two volunteers who had been absent whilst we could not work on Saturdays were back and this was their job to collect the debris and barrow it to the bonfire site.

Roger in the first photo all dressed up for the wet weather and Stuart who was branching out.

Broadway Bric a Brac Shed

We were able to open the shop today. A visitor from the Caravan Club site looking for some items. John B managed the shop with Julie popping in to see how things were going.

The Gardens

Vic paid a visit to the local nursery, obtaining boxes of Winter Pansies and a Shrub.

The flower pots and beds have again gained a bit of colour roll on Spring.

The Carpenters

Dave and Brian were busy in the woodwork cabin making shelves for storage.

So that is all for today folks, I'm off granddaughter sitting so will be back on the 21st.

Vic (Blog writer)

Friday, 2 November 2018

Last Train to Broadway

John Crawford

John's Funeral will be held at St John's Church, 14 Kidderminster Road, Bromsgrove, B61 7JW on Friday 16th November at 12 noon.

Monday October 22nd 2018

Pine  Needles and Flowers

It was a day of clearing up and making a display using Cyclamen.

This can be found next to our Friends of Broadway Station Bric a Brac Shop.


Now that the surveying was completed Terry and Rod temporarily set out the stones for the turn around point.

Autumn is the time of year when pine needles can be found everywhere and a big clear up has been necessary to prevent blocked gullies and drains.  Terry and Rod cleared the guttering on the Station and Signal Box, tackling the front and ends on both buildings. The canopy will be done once the trains have finished running.

Wednesday October 24th

The Chippies

More work was carried out on picnic tables and doors to the Refreshment Room by Peter and Dave.

Car Park

The Contractors have nearly completed the layout.

Station Masters at Broadway

We had three Station Masters at the Station, one in uniform, one in civvies and one "I should Coco?" He has the reputation of providing good bacon butties!!

The bacon butties well liked at Broadway.

Monday October 29th

More Pine Needles

The driveway and footpath were cleared by Tony and Vic. Tony also tackled the Acco drain channel at the bottom of the drive which had an accumulation of dirt as well as needles.

Thirty barrow loads went to the bonfire.  I wonder if there will be a Guy Fawkes?

Up on the Roof

Peter, Dave & Brian were sorting things up on the station roof, removing excess materials from above the ceilings and fitting loft boards.

Wednesday 31st October

Station Car Park

This is the latest view of the car park. The Contractors have now departed. We're now waiting for Worcestershire Council/Highways to decide on the entrance and exit format.

Five Picnic Tables & Bonfire

Ray keeping warm

Broadway Visitor Comments

Yet More Needles

Tony, David and Clive feeding two fires.


Mike found something that needed a quick a lick of paint

The Last Trains

Here is Dinmore Manor and later the DMU, taking their last trains out of Broadway Station. We will reopen on Boxing Day, 26th December 2018.

Vic (Your Blogger)

Monday, 15 October 2018


John Crawford

It is with regret we announce the passing of one of our Friends of Broadway Station.

John had worked on the Station for many years helping with the design, planning and hands on in the construction.

Here are a few photos of him taken over the years.

We offer our condolences to John's family at this very difficult time.
John will be greatly missed.