Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Monday 14th May 2018 

Bricks & Trains

Another record broken, our special event at Toddington last weekend brought in the crowds.  Please note if going into the Village it is down the driveway and turn left. It is a long walk the other way to Evesham.
The yellow lines have now been painted so there is no parking on Station Road. Hopefully soon work will start on our own car park


Pat and Vic were hard at work clearing the station from overgrowth of weeds and grass. Pat was on the brushcutter and then the strimmer, Vic was using the sprayer to reduce the weeds.

The Shop

The Shop having been installed with shelves, it was time to bring up the goods to stack for display.

Julie and Steve came in to see how things were progressing. Steve set to and started putting items back on the shelves.

Lamp Hut

A lamp hut was originally situated near the footstep bridge so we moved one of our huts to this position. First it was dismantled, legs shortened and moved to the designated area, new plates attached to the legs, then reassembled.

Kerbs and Slabs

With the help of Steve and his JCB further granite kerbs were installed then the path could be finished with paving slabs.




The Café

Discussion was had on the installing of a fireplace in the Café.

Signal and Telegraph

A member of S&T was at Broadway today working by the Station Road bridge.

Cement Work Area

This area is slowly being cleared so to have our picnic place reinstated.

Additional Working

Today, Tuesday, Rod and Vic were on different duties. Rod was on the DMU as Railway Catering Services learning how to run the Buffet. Vic was at Broadway Station was training to be a Station Assistant (Porter). Rod' misses took the photo not sure whether we are in England or Australia??

It must be my camera again!!!

Vic (your Blog Reporter)

Monday, 7 May 2018

Bank Holiday Monday

7th May 2018

Hot & Sunny

As the weatherman predicted, it was a very hot and sunny day for the five BAG volunteers who turned in for work today.
We had some early arrivals over Broadway at 7.30am. They were not stopping for a train!


Vic was doing his bit in clearing the grass and weeds from around the flower beds at the bottom of the drive.

The special arrangement at the north end of Platform 1 has burst into bloom.

Bridge Strike

As reported on BBC West Midlands News, our bridge had suffered yet another lorry hit. Damage to Zig Zag sign and bits left behind can be seen in the next two photos.

Café and Kitchen

John C was busy fitting skirting boards and a frame around the kitchen entrance.

Sorry about the fuzzy picture, my phone battery was running low.


A team of three, Terry, Rod & John S, were leveling the ground, fitting edging and laying slabs to finish off the area at the north end of the station building.

Rod was moving so fast!!!!


As it was a Bank Holiday, trains were running according to the Red Timetable so lots of passenger's disembarked to go into Broadway Village. Either to walk or catch the Shuttle Bus.

Dinmore Manor arriving from Cheltenham.


Several passengers, whilst waiting for the next train, sat on the platform edge. We need some more benches was the request. Sponsors wanted!!

End of The Line

Vic (Your Blog Reporter)

Saturday, 5 May 2018

A Quick Catch Up

Saturday 5th May 2018

The change in working days has thrown the Bloggers into turmoil ! Who is doing what and when, anyway it was my turn on Monday but apologies, I didn't bring my camera, so here is a quick catch up of what occurred on Monday and Friday (without lots of pictures).

Platform 2 was power washed from end to end.
The carpenters continued the construction of wooden litter bins.
A painter was fine painting the lamp posts.
The area between the two new gate posts was filled in and now just requires compacting before slabs can be laid and the area finished off.

Elsewhere the cafe and kitchen were in the final throws of being plastered
which by Friday had been completed. The two rooms were then cleared and soon the carpenters will be able to carry on with the paneling and skirting board. Probably at the same time as the painters paint the ceiling and walls!

The electricians were also on site fitting the station canopy lights, not far away the refurbished signs for the Ladies Room and Gentlemen's toilets also got fitted.

Looking to the north.

Looking to the south.

The lamp also got fitted in the Booking Office, all that is required is the fitting of its cover.

Slowly but surely the little things that will make the station look like a heritage station are beginning to appear!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Wartime in the Cotswolds

Saturday 28th April

It is Wartime in the Cotswolds for GWSR.

Platform all prepared:

Digging for Victory interrupted:

Bomb Damage:

Coffee or Chocolate:

Listen to the Band:

The two Shuttles:

All Aboard for Broadway:

Chocolate & Cream from Exeter:

Are you Pike?  Don't tell anyone:

Vic your Blog Reporter.