Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Friends of Broadway Station

19th September 2018

Where are They

There was not a lot happening on the Station today with the Maintenance Team as they were involved with projects at Toddington and Winchcombe. Here is the block paving work at Toddington entrance.


Peter Q and David were making something out of wood, I saw Dave measuring up one of the picnic tables so perhaps that's a clue.

Graham the painter was touching up the chimney breast in the Restaurant Room and Bob filling a hole in the kitchen.


The contractors had finished one side of the bridge and have now moved to the other side.

The North side of the bridge.

The South side.

Friends of Broadway Station

If you wish to join the merry band of members, then here is a copy of the application form.


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Mid Week

Wednesday 12th September

Trimming and Strimming

Tony trimming the hedge, Paul & Clive removing the cuttings. Pat is on the strimmer again.

The Bridge

A photo of the main beam holder on the North side.

Picnic Area

A couple of posts and fence put up at the end of the picnic area. Bob, Paul, Clive and Chris doing the honours. Vic will rake the area over and put some grass seed down next week.

Pine Trees

Still plenty of tree cover.


Tony sweeping away yesterday's rain.


Our plumber was in today connecting the radiators to the system. Peter and David finished off the wood fittings around the fireplace.


Thursday, 6 September 2018

Autumn Round the Corner

Monday 3rd September

The colour of the trees is changing as we approach Autumn, but in certain shops it would appear Christmas isn't far away either. We are also advertising our Santa Trains which are very popular and need to be booked online. Sadly, Broadway will not be involved in these festivities as trains do not use our Station.


Vic was requested to move his flower bed to another part of Platform 1. The reason being that our keen photographers were going into non public areas to take snapshots of their beloved loco. The flower bed will now contain shrubs which give a different display and hopefully act as a deterrent to trespassers. Thanks Brian for a photo of me!!

That's me at the end of the fork with still some way to go to the white line. My back, my back!!


Mike S was pushing the brush over several different places around the station. Is it higher or lower he should go to finish the colouring of this post?

It would appear lower won!

Modesty Panels.

As we adhere to our commitment of keeping the station image as it originally was, we are now erecting the modesty panels outside the kitchen area. Peter Q and his team of David and Ron

Bridge Protection

The contractors arrived today setting out their equipment and traffic control.

Other Projects

One of our containers is being cleaned out and converted into a workshop. Brian was adding more paint to the wood panels which will eventually be made into more bench seating for the platforms.

Wednesday 5th September

Friends of Broadway Station

The station Bric-a Brac Shop has been selling railway pictures and paintings and is in urgent need of more.
If you have any memorabilia that is surplus to requirements, we would love to hear from you although generally we do not take magazines except back issues of The Cornishman.

Anyone interested in OO gauge, we have a number of OO model railway items in stock. If anyone is interested, call in next weekend and visit our "Goods Shed".

Blue Timetable

Mid week running has reverted back to one steam and diesel railcar. The steam train arriving from Cheltenham had a pre-booked party of 40 wishing to go to Broadway village. This was too many for our normal taxi service so the double decker bus was requested to call in at the station.

Graham taking a rest after going backwards and forwards between the station and the village. Many other passengers took advantage of a ride on the historic London Bus.

Station Maintenance

There were several on going maintenance jobs around the station. Board assembling and painting, plus sorting out our drainage.

Picnic Area

A start was made on laying slabs as a foundation for placing a bench seat.

Grass Cutting

Pat was out with the strimmer cutting the overgrowth back beyond the signal post.

Station Road Bridge

The metal work for the bridge protection has been worked on today and two sections are now attached to the bridge walls.

Refreshment Room

The floor covering has been laid in our Café so it is looking very pristine.

Filling the Inner Man

Full advantage has been taken to use the service offered on the first steam train into Broadway Station, to purchase Bacon Butties. Here is Chris having two, one for himself and one for his son.

Car Park

With all this good weather, excellent progress is being made on the car park. This photo shows the footpath along side the parking area.


Thursday, 23 August 2018

Friends of Broadway Station

Friends of Broadway Station

Our shop has a new sign, please help to support us. The Bric a Brac shop is run by the Friends of Broadway Station and all donations are used for the continued development and enhancement of the Station.

An explanation as to why we have a new name....

The Broadway Area Group, to which the Friends of Broadway Station were affiliated, was wound up at an EGM on 21 July. The BAG was an anomaly within the structure of the Railway, being affiliated to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust (GWRT), and not a department of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway Plc (GWSR), which owns the Railway's infrastructure and operates trains. The GWRT is a registered charity which supports the activities of the GWSR Plc. This historical quirk has now been sorted out with the direct affiliation of the "Friends of Broadway Station" (previously part of the BAG) to the Trust, and the formation of a Broadway Station Maintenance Dept under the Plc structure, mirroring the structure at the other stations - i.e. a department of the Plc to look after the station and a support /fund raising group (FoBS) affiliated to the GWRT.

Wednesday 22nd August

Pink Timetable

It was P & O on the steam train and Class 26 (D5343) on the diesel hauled train.

P&O Leaving Broadway Station