Thursday, 22 February 2018

A tamping we will go!

Tuesday 20th February 2018  

A very nice day, with six BAG Members on site.

Telephone Box

Bob W having finished the brick laying on the surrounding wall, allowed Vic to finish the work on the wooden fencing. First was the application of creosote for protection to the posts and rails. Later Vic was able to reinstate them in their correct position leaving one side open for now, where a manhole is being fitted.

Ballasting the Platform

With the digger and dumper busy supplying the ballast, four volunteers with shovels spread it around, then John S and Keith checked the level.


Today saw the tamper arrive on the outskirts of the station. Leaving the ballast regulator in platform 2, the tamper went off down the running line setting the track to rights.

Wednesday 21st February

Another good day for the BAG team with lots of volunteers on site.


Three of our painters were in today: Graham supervising, Mike T careful with the paint and Mike S "Have I got to climb up there?"


Our four woodworkers, Peter Q, Dave H, Brian T and Neal C, were again preparing panels for the station rooms.

Station Front

Building and Services Team were laying more paving stones today. Later that afternoon, some of the BAG Team, Terry A, John S and Bob W joined them to do some levelling of the ground.

Platform 1

Terry and Bob brushing kiln dried sand into the joints between the paving slabs and the drainage channel.


The tamper and Permanent Way crew were with us again today, going up and down the running line.

Driveway and Gardens

Vic and Chris H cleared away a lot of concrete rubble from the area next to the palisade fence.
Vic also tended the gardens at the bottom end adding a bit of top soil ready for planting bedding flowers.

Another BAG Member

Seemed to be camera shy; only got his picture today.

Vic  (Sorry for late posting, have been on Grandpa duties)

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Hooray, Hooray! Sunshine today!

Saturday 17th February 2018

It was a bit cloudy to start with and still cold. 17 volunteers in today, a good turnout with much to do!


This is the view when the sun takes its hat off!

Platform 1 South End

Tony driving the dumper truck dropped ballast at various places for the gang with shovels to level out.

Platform 1 Middle Trackside

The woodwork team were concentrating on the panelling in the entrance hall. First covering the floor for protection, then cutting the boards to the required size and fitting them.

Station Middle Front Side

The Buildings & Services Team were again advancing the laying of stone kerbs. They were able to lay two kerbs today so are now past the entrance door.


Mike S was in the Ladies loo adding another coat to walls and ceiling. With the installation of the toilets he found it not very convenient for moving his ladder around the room. Later he was in the tearoom painting letters for the Running in Board. Not quite sure he's got the spelling correct!!

Platform 1 Northern End

With so much cement and concrete required over the last few weeks another delivery was made,
thanks to our supplier, Fairview.

Soon barrow loads of the correct mix were being transported to the slab laying area at the station building end and down to the far end of the platform where backing slabs were being installed.

At the entrance to the Disabled toilet slabs were being laid by John S who had organised a team to help. Rod was the leader for the 2nd team with the backing slabs.

The little section left will be filled in on Monday. Unfortunately Vic forgot to photograph the other activity. (Der!! its the age)

The other activity for Monday is to start laying ballast on the northern end of Platform 1. This required moving a large number of our stock of slabs to a new area.

Blast from the Past

As we come towards the end of Blast from the Past for a time, the BAG Team were involved with stations at both ends of our railway. Here are two photos taken in 2013 of the team rebuilding Platform 2 at Cheltenham Race Course station.

We, also at Broadway Station, had a frontage garden to look after which had not been regularly attended.
Vic set to and rebuilt the wall with surplus stone that came with bricks from The Mythe, Tewkesbury. The first photo was taken in 2011. The second photo is 2013 Vic talking to Marguerite. The third photo taken in 2016 shows the one of the four lamp posts being painted after installation.

Vic, also with help from his friends, laid out a picnic area, currently used as a storage area, but will be returned to its original planned state.

The Broadway Area Group (The BAG Team)

We have seen many instances where members of BAG have been working. Here is the Team.

Firstly, we have three members (Sadly, no longer with us):-

Doreen Walters, part of the Bric-a-Brac team, standing behind Julie in the first photo.

Ron Brislin, one of our Platform 1 Bricklayers who became head of Buildings & Services Department.

Peter Hickox a very helpful all rounder.

Here are three of the chairmen that we have had:-

Bill Briton, Roger Brindley & Tony Boucher.

The rest of the Team are as follows:-

Vic The Garden Gnome