Wednesday, 18 October 2017

That`s Topped It !

Wednesday 18th October 2017

23 volunteers turned out today, it was a very grey and overcast day, the threat of rain as per some forecasts never appeared so onwards and upwards for some and downwards for others.

First to the painters, only two today but they seemed to be everywhere today.

Mike was told that the previously installed down pipes from the fascia to the swan necks had to be painted light stone so off he went and painted both of them.
Then he joined the other Mike priming the wood that will be eventually be used for skirting boards.

Then moving on to priming the internal window sills.

Just outside of the station building a small gang of Terry, Rod and Dave with Keith providing the mix and with the help of Adam on the mini digger started the task of slabbing the gap wall.

Terry and Rod seen in the first picture positioning the first slab and at the close of the day the platform edge is complete. Bob had been following behind them pointing up the gaps between and below. They even had time to replace a previously broken slab.
In the second picture behind Neal and Terry a shuttering box has now been placed, this is where the last lamp post on Platform 1 will be installed, the height of the infill is at the correct level so that in the near future ducting can be installed to the nearest power box then the level will increased to just below the platform .

Up on the roof Neal and John S carried on with the sheeting of the station roof.

Starting just after the northern chimney, which had had its flashing completed by John C, they soon got into the flow and by the end of the day they had finished the car park side .

That`s all the sheets now fitted and the roof finished bar a bit of flashing on the ridge. The building is virtually dry inside now except for the windows and doors!

Just a shot of how dry the scaffolding is now and the glazed panels that had been fitted last week.

Elsewhere around the site Pete fitted some noggins between the joists after he and Dave H had modified a fence panel. Clive helped the fencing contractor for the morning. Dave H and Brian made a collar for the telephone kiosk. Vic and Keith did a spot of backfilling behind the drive way kerb stones.
And Julie and Steve continued the clearing out of the bric a brac hut to help with its eventual move up onto the platform.

And finally a picture of the station building from the drive side.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

New Glass

Saturday 14th October

A dry day with light cloud followed by sunny intervals. Today we had 11 BAG volunteers, 2 glaziers and a visit from Mark, a team member involved with 'Wartime in the Cotswolds'. The 11 had a variety of jobs around the site, removing a wood post, sorting out an electrical cable and installing metal posts at the drive entrance. The glaziers were fitting the last of the glass panels on the roof, Mark was surveying the area to see what would be available at Broadway for the special event next April.

Vic took on the task of removing the post, which was part of the viewing stand we had here. It was well concreted in but with a bit of brute force Ron finally helped to pull it out.

I suppose I should have taken a selfie???

Group 4

Our security cameras have been installed at various positions around the station. The redundant cable in the original position near the telephone box could now be removed. Robin, Ron and Keith started the operation, joined later by Phil.

With this completed they then set to and moved the spear fencing, in the foreground, to the other side of the installed fence, getting ready for the next stage over the next couple of weeks.

Group 2

 Stuart opened up the shop and put out the display boards for our visitors to read. He then joined Peter down at the entrance to the drive where installation of two metal posts would take place.

Here the posts are having their length adjusted to make it easier for installation. The holes had been excavated last Wednesday, so with a little more man power they were lifted in and concreted in place.

Group 1

Mike, part of our painting team, was in today and applying paint to the gates which will be installed at the station. Later he had collected the tops of a lamp post for doing some homework.

Station Roof

Here are some pictures of the roof before and after glazing.

The station roof really looking good now with the glass installed. The gap at the end will have a temporary panel of corrugated fitted until we can extend the canopy towards footbridge steps.

The Running Line

Looking to the future, John B posted in the mess room, a map showing what our line possibly could look like????

Correction to my Wednesday blog, Steve is to have a hernia op followed later by another visit to get his ankle sorted. That's the trouble with getting old, bits start go wrong! We wish you a speedy recovery.


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Busy, Busy

Wed 11th Oct

Hearing the weather forecast for Cumbria today it would seem that we were very lucky here in the Midlands with it being mild & dry. Today there were 25 volunteers at Broadway Station all eager to get stuck in.

First Arrivals

Peter, Ray & Vic were the early birds soon followed by a stream of eager beavers. Vic behind the camera, 'watch the birdy'.

As usual several jobs required working on today. Sorting out the containers to obtain more storage space, placing more kerbstones on the driveway, painting the dagger boards. Clearing the roof in preparation of the scaffolding being removed from the track bed-side and the glaziers arriving on Friday.

Tony & John S in Container 3, Mike S trying to find some paint and brushes.


Down on the driveway was Rod, Ron, Keith, Young Dave & Vic. Whilst Rod, Ron & Keith were working on the kerbstone setting, Young Dave was fetching and carrying. Vic continued ballast backing on the already laid kerbstones.

Paul the mixer looking on, as Keith & Rod set out the guide line.

Paul our ever ready mixer.

In the back ground, the ballast support has been shovelled up to the kerbs. In the front are the newly laid stones and a barrow of cement brought down by Young Dave.

Platform Edging

Along Platform 1, here shows the edging slabs that have been laid for sometime. With the movement of traffic along with ageing, some of the pointing needed renewing. Bob & Clive took on this task, Paul making up their required mixture.

Bob W (above) at the Southern end, covered up his work in case it rained, Clive at the Northern end mostly repaired underneath the coping stones.

Embankment Clearance

Pat (alias Stan on my earlier blog) and Ian were the brush cutter operators today, working on the Cotswold side.

Pat giving me a wave (I think) on his own and joined later by Ian

Up on the Roof

John C, Dave H, Mike, Mike S, Neal & Peter carrying out a variety of jobs. Fitting final pieces of trimming, joint sealing and painting.

The two Mikes are seen here painting, with John & Dave using the hoist to lift and lower the required items.

Other Activities

 Rod the Milk, Buzz the Sparks
                                                       Dave & Gordon study the map.

Chris deploying his carpentry skills and Steve 'open all hours'.

 John Balderstone & Peter K discussing metal work requirements, with John C and Neal listening on.


Steve and his trusty JCB steed were preparing the land on the southern side of Broadway bridge where the running line will come through.

A ground level shot of the rails going North

It's Steve's last day today, as next week he goes into hospital for work on his other ankle. We wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. Graham the Paint is also to have tests, so hope all goes well for him.

Julie & Terry are both suffering the seasonal ills. (Sniffle, sniffle).

Glass Panels

We were hoping they would and they did, the glass panels have arrived. Unloaded and lifting up onto the scaffolding boards. Just need some glaziers now?  Photos by Dave H.


Saturday, 7 October 2017

It's a piece of cake

Saturday 7th October
It was a reasonably dry day for the eleven volunteers at Broadway today, there were three involved up on the roof and the rest at ground level.


I think these volunteers were a little shy, 2 pairs of legs.

It's Peter Q underneath the arches and John S looking for his next panel.

Ground Level

It was a clean sweep, for John B with a broom and Vic with the lawn mower, John removing all the pine needles falling from the trees and Vic with his new mower cut the growth, along the village side of the driveway.

 Outside the bric a brac shop.                                                            We have large moles here.  

Kurbing Preparation

Keith S, Robin & Peter K were involved with clearing the ground and checking with the theodolite that everything was at the correct level.

Robin on his own, the other two had gone to fetch the theodolite.


John from the Publicity Dept was putting out notices for the forth coming Cotswold Food & Drink Fayre.

Lynda & John were chatting to a couple who had come over from Caravan Club site to view the progress of the station rebuild.

Brush Cutting

Keith G was the cutter operator today with the plan to cut the overgrowth on the Malvern side of Station Road bridge. Vic acted as his second pair of eyes, protecting passing pedestrians and Keith when on the Evesham Road from the passing traffic.

Keith on his way all kitted out.
The area that had to be cleared. 

Permanent Way

Having been involved at other parts of the railway, today saw the P/way team back at Broadway. Their erstwhile blog reporter Jo (pic 1) was making his way down to the work area and the rest of the team (pic 2) were waiting for more concrete sleepers to arrive, brought up by Steve on the JCB.

Special Visitor

We welcomed back one our volunteers Roger J, who had been poorly, now looking reasonably fit but having to take care on what activity he could do.

Here Roger being welcomed back by John B and Robin.


We do not have the facilities that the P/Way have. No gourmet meals for us, but we did have a treat from Mrs S in a lovely piece of cake. (Scrumptious).