Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Very Wet Day

Saturday 18th November

Unless the volunteer was working inside the station building, it was a case of getting wet and muddy. There were only 12 volunteers on duty today, perhaps some of the others were watching the afternoon rugby or starting their Christmas shopping?


The plasterer came in today and continued with the Gents toilets. The ceiling was completed on Friday and now its the turn of the walls.


The two areas north & south of the station are nearly at their correct level with the infill. To help compress the material, we use a vibrating roller and mini digger.
Here, John C has first go at starting (give it kick John). "No I'll do it!" said Tony. So Tony demonstrates how to do it and off goes the roller (plus Tony) to the north end.

John finds an easier way to do the south end. He can sit in comfort, out of the rain and just go backwards and forwards. (Ah! This is the life!).


The kerb stones ready for the drive were situated on the wrong side, so Stuart, Peter K and Robin produced the muscle power. Using the lifting tackle they moved around 32 kerbs from one side of the drive to the other. (Sorry no picture of this).

Track Bed

After having their breakfast down the line, the P/Way team came into the station to further the track laying. This photo depicts sleepers ready to be laid onto the running line. The P/Way team were at lunch. (They always seem to be eating!)

Well, they do a lot of hard graft in between meals! (Have to keep the inner man filled!).


The time had come, that we could recommence the wooden fence installation up along the drive, so Rod, Keith and Vic sorted out the correct posts to install, but first we had a 'Last Post' to remove. With the help of John C and mini digger, it was soon out if the way.

A few hours later some new posts had been installed, with steady progress towards the station building.

The ground here starts to rise, so longer posts are needed. It proved quite difficult for the post auger to penetrate the hard clay along with a few bricks and stones that were in the way.

Rod the auger operator was feeling quite tired by the end of the day.


John B, along with Stuart, removed the guttering from our old shop but on occasions chatted to the many visitors who came to see the progress of the station building.


At the entrance to our drive we have advisory signage for visitors. One post was not quite tall enough for viewing the notice, so an extension was required. This was Peter K's first job of the day, with the help of Stuart, to extend the post to the required height.

The post is there behind Peter.

Track Extension

The next photo taken from the south end of Platform 1, shows how near the running line is to where the turnout will be installed. Not far now!

What Next?

Here is a picture of the station building. The lads are looking at what's to add next. The windows are in. Could it be the doors? Yes, it could. During the afternoon Neal made a start on fitting the first of the doors, hence the interested group in the doorway.

Another Visitor

Anne, one of the ladies who helps with the running of the bric a brac shop, came in to renew her work permit (a requirement for all volunteers on the railway). Anne has also provided the shop with jam and other produce. (Mmm! Lovely plum jam!).


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Another Big Tick

Wednesday 15th November 2017

An overcast day which was neither cold or warm saw 25 volunteers turn out to carry on with ongoing jobs around the station and on platform 1. One of the main talking points was the Board's decision to have a cafe at Broadway (as per our volunteers vote). A small group of potential volunteers who would be willing to run or help in the running the cafe was slowly beginning to form. Ideas were being bandied around, so watch this space for further developments. 

Firstly we had a visit from a team of Glaziers (not the owners of Manchester United as Mike said).

Here the first unit is being fitted on the car park side. By mid afternoon the whole of building had had its window units fitted, an excellent and speedy job. Another big tick on the construction of the station.

Photos showing both sides of the station building having been fitted with windows, doors next ?

The painters of Graham and the two Michael's were trying to paint the frames before the arrival of the glaziers but the glaziers were far too quick!

The team of Peter Q , Dave H and Brian were waiting for various items to be delivered before they could continue with their on going tasks.

So off they went to strip out the Broadway bric a brac shed of all its electrics and useful bits before it gets dismantled.

Julie has a tear in her eye as slowly but surely her shed and surroundings get dismantled before her very eyes. Pete and Brian removing the hand rail while John B removes some old notices off the door.

On the opposite side of the drive Bob and John S were increasing the height of the manholes.
Cement supplied as per usual by Paul.

Up on platform 1 the in filling and levelling was continuing at a pace.

A large team firstly put additional edging slabs in behind and higher than the existing.

Kieth and Vic watching the arrival of Terry with a mix for the edging slabs.

With John C in the mini digger feeding Rod on the dumper, spent ballast was taken along the platform where a small group was waiting to spread and level, slowly, they proceed towards the end of the spear fencing.

At the close of play after a few sessions with the various rollers and compactors this is how it looked.

Some of you may have noticed on the Extension Blog pictures and some have mentioned that the daggerboards on the gable end looked to have been hit and have accidentally been broken.
Yes they had been accidentally be broken by the jib of the mini digger!
One of the items which Peter, Dave and Brian were waiting for was the arrival of a scaffolding tower which duly arrived mid morning .

Fiddly job , we don`t want to do this again

After the guttering was removed the two broken dagger boards were cut out and new pieces cut and inserted, filler was applied and the boards then were primed. Guttering was re-fitted. Next time we're on site they will get a first coat and then a second. Hopefully nobody will notice.

Mini digger has now been banded going anywhere the station building!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bric-a-Brac Last Day, but I'll be back.

11th November 2017

On a cold wet Saturday 15 volunteers braved the elements. Five were taking part in a strimmer/brush cutter course which would take up best part of the day. The remainder were mostly busy on the track side of the station but there were a few jobs needing to be done on the front and ends of the building.

Platform Infill

The infill material is reused ballast which has been scraped off the trackbed from the other side of Station Road bridge.

Here Tony awaits the dumper to be filled.

  Below one can see where previous drops have been made.

Here is the next drop

What more?? Here is Steve with the big dumper dropping off another load of ballast.
Only one more to follow!

Ladies & Gents

This is not an introduction to a salutation, but the toilets which will be ready when the station opens next year.

 The Ladies' toilet with moisture membrane installed.

The Disabled toilet has ceiling panels.

The Gents toilet (below) with wall panels as well as ceiling panels. The room is being scaffolded again for the top panels to be installed and the ceiling skimmed.

Water Drainage

The roof has been securely weatherproofed, but where does all that rain go? Several down pipes serve the guttering and Robin, John S & Keith G have been sorting out the drainage on the northern end of the station. Peter Q was also examining down pipes and checking the exterior walls for sealing.


Bric-a-Brac Shop

Today was the last day of opening, so a large number of boxes arrived via Peter Q. Julie and Steve commenced packing all the boxes with the last items for storage. Any unwanted items would be passed onto charity shops.

Peter Q brings in lots of boxes

It's just like moving home! Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

Strimmer & Brush Cutting 

This course was a refresher for three members and an introduction for two. John, who regularly trains in the Gloucester/Worcester area, came to give us guidance on the rules and

handling of the equipment. All five met the requirements so should be able to offer their services to the clearance teams in the future, helping to keep the undergrowth reduced on the track sides of the railway.

Brian M, Phil, Keith S, Pat & Vic (behind the camera) listen to John describing how to correctly handle the equipment.


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Let's get Plastered

Wednesday 8th November 2017

A bright crisp day, starting at only 1c & rising to 11c, greeted 26 volunteers eager to continue various tasks.

We saw two Martins today. I thought they had all migrated by now! One Martin was the plastering contractor & the other was our own volunteer.

               Contractor Martin measuring up at the start of another day's plasterboarding.

           Volunteer Martin levelling some backfill material, prior to it being rolled by Clive.

Scaffolding is now totally removed, revealing the building in all it's glory. In the low morning sunlight we find Ray clearing up rubbish from outside the driveway side.

We had a visit from two directors, Richard Johnson, Plc Company Secretary & Alan Miller, project director. A cordial meeting took place, which allowed the directors & volunteers to state their respective understandings of plans for the shop/café. The two directors will report to a Plc directors meeting on Monday 13th November.

Work resumed and a team focused on backfilling over the new ducting for telephones & electricity, platform side of the building. PW contractor Steve W & his mate supplied us with several large dumper loads of waste ballast. Here Adam delivers a load.
                                                  John C transfers ballast to a smaller dumper.
                             Tony waits for a load then drops it for spreading & levelling .
                 Backfill being dropped over the new ducting, with Terry waiting to spread it.
                            John S & Clive are busy spreading out another load from Tony.
In the foreground Brian T can be seen filling an expansion joint with appropriately coloured mastic.
                                               Clive then goes over it with the roller.

The carpentry team spent a brief period inside the building preparing more spacers for the guttering down pipes. We see Brian T & Dave H.

They then concentrated on gaining access to the expansion joints in the building, driveway side, for filling.

Graham was busy giving window & door frames a first undercoat, after necessary preparation by the two Mikes.

A few manholes need raising to what will be the finished height of the driveway. Bob W is seen busy adding another layer of bricks to one of them.

After lunch, Rod & Terry made a start on resetting some backing slabs, under the spear fencing, ready for eventual tarmacking  of the platform.

Finally, just to mention:
No pics. but Brian & Pat were of course busy again clearing embankments at the North end of our site and Julie & Steve looked after visitors to what currently remains of the shop.

Paul Carter