Thursday, 18 January 2018

A Full House!

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Twenty-five  intrepid volunteers signed in today & we received numerous visits, including contractors' lorries, Building Services Dept. & Tim Bright of Steam Railway magazine. The day was dry & bright but bitterly cold with a continuous wind.

A few pictures first of the results from Monday's work:

The finished post & rail fence & gate, closing off the ground between platform 1 & driveway footpath.

 The post for Gent's modesty screen & second gate post for the double gates behind platform 1 are now concreted into position, adjacent to each-other .

 JCB Steve had dug out three pits for the concrete bases for bridge staircase and canopy supports. The prepared shuttering for the landing support can be seen in place.

Onto Wednesday's activities:

Neal is seen preparing more shuttering. This time for the bases of the eventual canopy extension on the northern side of the station.

During the day he was also busy, with help from Peter Q & Dave H, fitting panelling in the booking hall.
Mike T spent most of the day putting a first undercoat on recently fitted spear fencing panels & the steel gate posts.                                                                                                                                          

             Vic finished off fixing a few fence rails & then went round with the wood preserver.

Peter K brought along the final section of spear fencing he had recently fabricated & you can see him in the early stages of installing it  in the gap.                                                                                            

Contractor Stevie W assisted by moving some of the excavated waste soil onto the fenced area between platform 1 & driveway. He helped level where he could with the backacter.                        

 Davis & Sons then arrived with 10 tons of top soil, much of this was raked level over the same area by Gordon, Clive, Keith S & friends.

A few bags, surplus to immediate requirements, were stored next to our supply concrete aggregate. 

                     Elliott's lorry made two trips to remove a pile of unwanted excavated soil.

                                       Fairview arrived with a supply of concrete aggregate.

 Fairview also supplied Richard & lorry to transport heavy granite curb stones from storage at Winchcombe & Toddington. We can see members of Building Services Dept. assisting with the offloading & Richard at the controls.

Bob W & Tony set drainage channels alongside the platform wall of the station

 Clive assisted John C, in the morning packing sand around previously laid drainage.

In the afternoon JCB Steve prepared a trench for B&S to start laying the footings for the kerbs

            An interesting original drain cover was unearthed by JCB Steve whilst cutting the trench.

 Finally, Tim Bright from Steam Railway Magazine was escorted around the sight by publicity director Ian Crowder. He paid us a visit to take photos & prepare for an article which should appear in the March issue of Steam Railway.
We see Tim Bright, second left, with Dave B, Alan Miller & Ian Crowder in the café area.

Thank you for viewing.                                                                                                                            
Paul Carter                                                                                                                                               

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Baker's Dozen + Two

Saturday 13th January 2018

It was not an unlucky day for the BAG team, as we learnt that the Station would have a car park. This would be built and run by Wychavon DC enabling visitors, after August, to have somewhere to park their car, whilst enjoying travelling on our railway.

There were 15 volunteers in today with a number of jobs to get their hands on. Fence erecting, gate making, posts to insert and electrical cabling, filling in holes and trenches, also painting.


The first cable ran from the main junction to the signal box.

Phil are you receiving

John & Brian discussing what's next

Using radios for communication, the cable was fed down the trunking. Phil down the manhole was halfway helping to pull the cable through and Mike plus John S at the signal box winding in the pull rope.
The next job was the cables for the lights on Platform 1 and then down the driveway.

Clearing up

One of the first jobs was to tidy up the Station. Vic and Stuart collected all the tile boxes and debris from the pine trees to take over to the bonfire area.

On the floor and walls

The two tilers have been hard at it as can be seen from the two photos above.

Wood Fence

Keith S, Vic and Robin worked on fitting the fence near the Station building.

Keith was on the Auger drilling two holes for the intermediate posts. Once the rails had been attached by Vic, Robin then took over and applied wood preservative to the new fence. A second coat was required on some of the fence up the drive.


Mike T applied undercoats of paint to the recently installed spear fence.

Wood Working

Peter Q and Neal were engaged in modifying bits of wood. Peter Q was making a gate and Neal was making the shuttering for the footbridge footings. (Sorry no photos)

Down a Hole

Peter K was measuring a plate down in the hole which would be attached to the modesty screen post. Once all was set, concrete was poured into the hole.


With the wood fence in place, footpath backing kerbing could be installed. A mix of wet concrete for hole filling was made by John S, Phil & Keith S and a dry mix for kerb installation. Here Phil and Vic get the depth correct for the setting out of the kerbs.

Trench Filling and Kerb Moving

John B and Stuart filled some of the dips and trenches that were appearing in the car parking area. After completing this, they then collected fallen debris from the pine trees and moved edging kerbs from down the drive to the working area.


One of the many visitors who came today to see the progress, was this chap on a classic pedal cycle
which was one from his collection.

Blast from the Past

This week we will look at some of the photos taken of the construction of the Signal Box.

This photo taken in 2012 shows the preparation of the ground for the foundations.

These set of photos above were taken in 2013. The boards laid out for the base, the concrete base ready and brick laying commencing.
We are now into 2014 with the arrival of some of the bits & pieces which will be added as the building grows.

Window Frames

Roof Vent


Window Frames

Paul Richards' Window Frame

Going up and boards being fitted

The year is now 2016 with the roof being assembled.

Roof Timbers


First Steam Engines

Scaffolding Removed

Many Hands

The Beam at Rest

Signal Levers

Jo and the Gate

Platform gap closed

This final picture was taken yesterday Jan 2018 after the electrical cable was installed.