Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Start of the Next

Monday 16th April


What a great long weekend! Trains and platforms full of passengers enjoying their first visit to the now functioning Broadway Station. Limited parking meant no access to the Station for cars, apart from those with passes. Visitors to the Railway travelled on the double decker bus from Broadway Village which took them up to the Station front door.

Working Days

Our working days are now confined to Fridays and Mondays when trains are not running. So on Friday the BAG crew dug a hole at the north end of the Station building, where eventually, the gate posts will be installed and today, the first job was to partially fill the hole with concrete. They then prepared the area for slabbing.


Further installation of ceiling boards were completed so this is now ready for the plasterer to coat on Thursday.


Vic was busy down at the northern end of Platform 1 where he was planting a horticultural display. The edging was donated a few years ago by BAG stalwart Steve who no longer required them so they have been gratefully recycled.

Hopefully in a few weeks time it will be full of colour.

The White Line

The two Mike's were painting today. The white line needed a bit of refurbishment after all the visitors.

Hopefully people will keep their feet off it in future!!

They then painted all the lamp posts with a top coat of paint.

Disabled Toilet and Tearoom/Kitchen

Work was going on in both areas. Sorting out a problem in the D T and in the Tearoom electrical apparatus was being installed.


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