Sunday, 7 January 2018

Just a little, not a lot!

Saturday 6th January 2018

It was a very cold start to the day. On with the thermals, gloves and boots, warmed up by the car heater on the travel to the station.

Wood Fence

The posts had been erected last Wednesday, so today Vic and Robin fitted the rails between the posts, cutting them to size as was required.

Just a few more rails to be put in place along the top and once the footpath back edging kerbs have been added the bottom rail can be fitted.

Gate Posts

Also last Wednesday, a hole had been dug for the first gate post. Today, the base plate was installed and once the concrete had set the post could be placed.

The same gang of BAG volunteers are seen here looking at the backing of the Station Platform. Tony, John C, Keith S and Keith G with shovels at the ready.

Station Rooms

The next two photos show the Ticket Office all lit up and in the Disabled Toilet tiles were waiting to be unpacked.

Also on site today were Peter Q and Dave H, working on the carpentry required in the Tea Room, Peter K, our metal expert, was working on one of the modesty screen posts and John B was fitting a leaflet dispenser to our notice board at the station entrance. Sorry no photos.

Blasts from the Past.

In the last Saturday Blog issue, Platform 1 was detailed. Now it is Platform 2 that is of interest.

2012, the foundation was laid, then the blocks and soil removed and brick laying commenced.

We are now into 2013 and moving along the platform to what was called 2B.

I think we are posing for the camera??

This next photo was taken in 2014 with the platform nearly finished and lighting installed.

In September 2015, a start was made to close the gap on Platform 2. Next week it will be the signal box.

Vic  ( The Garden Gnome)


  1. Coming along well, even if the winter backdrop is less than inviting. Regards, Paul.

  2. Many thanks for the latest post. Your photo updates mean so much to those of us who live far away.

    And I love Blasts From The Past. Yes, I remember all your posts (except the one about the lamp post. I must have missed that one. I'll go and have a look in archives). What a lot you've done over the years (starting with building the platform walls, I seem to remember). And on a site which was completely derelict. Everything had to be built from scratch. At the time, I honestly didn't think it could be done. But you did it !

    I hope all is well with the iconic Corsican pines. I was reading on line that they grow widely across Europe, and are (well, this is what the article says !) known for their tolerance to snow, ice, high winds, and drought. And they are apparently very long lived. So, hopefully, all should be well for another hundred years at least !

    Keep cheerful, and keep going, please ! We are relying on you !

    Peter Wright