Sunday, 24 December 2017

First Train

Saturday 23rd December 2017

Today saw the first train arriving at Broadway Station.

Getting connected.

Station camera.

P/Way Gang.

John S and Neal elated


  1. Congratulations to Broadway and the P Way for the wonderful pictorial celebration of seeing a train in Broadway down platform! What a fantastic surprise to us all. Regards, Paul.

  2. Best Christmas present we're all going to get! Thank you, team!

    First Train under Henley in Arden station footbridge for 4 years and 1 month
    First train under Broadway station footbridge for 54 years and 1 month
    First train into Broadway station site since 1977 S&T movement collecting materials from Toddington box(?)

    Roll on 2018 and first passenger trains!

    Thanks to all of the volunteers for your amazing application and hard work. Enjoy Christmas and New Year!

    1. An excellent & informative comment Mr Baker! I agree that there are few Christmas presents that can match this. Toddington Ted.

  3. great news , Vic can you send me the last 2 photos of train + Pway together and the one with the view down the line for use in GWR talks in Jan please . merry Christmas to all in BAG john M.

  4. BRAVO BRAVISSIMO CHAPS!!wonderful christmas prsent!

  5. great work guys track in and now the CAFE to go with it.

  6. What a great achievement; followed this amazing project on the blog for years, always been made very welcome when I called in to visit, especially with a car-load of blue bricks...!
    Congratulations, one and all.

  7. A lovely sight. Well done everyone!

  8. Well done Team, very proud of you all.

  9. A great effort form all concerned. The GWSR has had many great milestones but this one tops them all.

  10. Congratulations to ALL who been involved in this project; the project management team, the dedicated workforce of permanent employees and (especially) the volunteers. The dedication, standard of workmanship and motivation displayed has been exemplary. It demonstrates very strongly the benefit a highly motivated and competent workforce. No doubt a few additional skills have been acquired which hopefully will be put to good use in the future. Thank you to all those volunteers, past and present, who have demonstrated to the preservation movement just how to get the job done!

  11. I have been reading this blog since I discovered it shortly before you started to build the signal box. It has been essential viewing at least twice a week ever since - I know I am not alone. It is the best Christmas present ever seeing the first train in Broadway Station since for a long long time. Thank you to all of you who have sweated blood sweat and tears through the warm seasons and the cold and the rain and sub-zero temperatures with occasionally a Heaven only knows what chill factor and kept going. A real achievement of which I know you have every right to feel enourmously proud. You are a fine example to the Railway Preservation Movement. Roll on Honeybourne! Peter Farrier

  12. I take it that you have had high winds at Broadway (as have we in Cornwall - nothing to do with eating sprouts!), as both security cameras are not on their target subjects. Just a 'heads up', in case no-one else has reported or noticed the matter. Regards, Paul.

  13. The snow monster has been visiting again!

  14. Just got to some broadband connections to show a friend the web site and the blogs whilst we were away, nearly caused heart failure! What an amazing achievement by you all, what an a wonderful Christmas present! AND I lost my bet that the class 20 would be the first loco into Broadway, So £10 to the GWsR funds, so you still win! A FANTASTIC achievement by you all. A very Happy New Year to you all.
    Paul & Marion.

  15. technically speaking the cl20 was the first closely followed by (coupled to) the Cl73


  16. Amongst all the other comments, I was wondering where you had gone !
    Well, given the fact that the double headed PW train reversed into Boadway (and is on record as having done so), then, notwithstanding the class 73 seemingly leading the cavalcade, officially, with the entire train going backwards, the class 20 was the first locomotive into Platform One.
    You therefore win you bet !
    Happy New Year.
    Peter Wright

  17. Many congratulations to evereryone on a magnificent achievement . This a major milestone in the Railway Preservation Movement . Happy New Year to you all. It has to be Honeybourne next stop (via Weston Sub Edge.

  18. you are doing a great job at Broadway, could I suggest mounting the cctv camera,s under the footbridge as they are constantly being knocked off line by either falling branches or by other means. I like many others I,m sure like to follow progress via these camera,s