Sunday, 28 January 2018

Forecast got it right!

Saturday 27th January 2018

It was another wet day!! With 63 days to go it was good to see 17 volunteers turn up today.

Station Road Bridge

After the bridge repairs and the Highways Department carrying out road surface repairs, the road has reopened to traffic.


The two painters, Graham D and Mike S, were putting another coat of paint on the walls in the Gents.
The lights installed by Buzz Electrics look great.


Robin and Vic were working on the wood fence around the telephone box, applying a coat of wood preservative. Peter K added the missing panel in the spear fence.

Driveway Lamp Posts

The final electrical wires to the four posts next to the footpath were installed by John C, Graham L and Tony B. Graham also removed the wire which used to supply power to our Bric-a-Brac Shop


Peter K, with help from Stuart W, was up the ladder checking the lamp fittings, prior to their installation.

Platform 1

Keith S and John S deciding where to put the next lot of slabs, ready for the Monday crew. They were joined by Peter Q and Brian T sorting out the various sizes and moving them to the work area.

Driveway Footpath

A large crew gather down the driveway to collect ballast to raise the level of the footpath.


Vic with help from Robin, Keith G and Phil collected all the rubbish generated by our tilers and electricians.


Two members of the Permanent Way Team were progressing along the track making adjustments. Next Wednesday should see the Ballast Train back with another load.

Building Services

A crew from the Building Services Dept were also with us today, making a start on laying the granite kerbs along the front of the station. They had the use of our small digger with special gripper
to lift and carry the kerbs to the work area.

Unusual Shot

Even the best amateur photographers have their 'off days'! A different way of looking at the end of the Station. OOPS!!

Blast from the Past

Annual Christmas Lunch

Each year we have had a BAG lunch at a local hostelry. First at The Childswickham Inn and recently at The Broadway Hotel. In the photos below can be seen two stalwarts, Ron Brisling (Bricklayer, Head of  Building Services) and Marguerite (Founder of the Bric-a-Brac Shop).  

Ron talking to John Blowfield (2013) and (2014) Julie and Marguerite receiving bouquets.

Broadway Footbridge

British Rail made an offer of a footbridge from Henley-in-Arden which was accepted. Jim Hitchen became the organiser of a team to recover the bridge. Initially stored near Birmingham, where it was dismantled, it eventually arrived in Broadway.




Cheltenham Race Course Station

Every Monday, a group of BAG volunteers arrived at CRC Station to rebuild their Platform 2. These two photos taken in July and August 2013.


The Garden Gnome


  1. Looking great- when are the toilet cubicles/ porcelain being installed?
    Will there be discrete electric heaters in the toilets and Ticket Office/ kitchen to keep the temperature above freezing?

  2. All this work is starting to come together to make Broadway station look the "biz". It does seem though that the closer to completion the slower the jobs go, then suddenly it will be there! Already the station and its approach looks so different to how it looked last summer. Great work by you all.
    Paul & Marion.

  3. Got to admit that I love the platform slabs. They look like they've always been there! Good work by the layers.
    The wooden fence along the road approach doesn't look very GWR though. When time allows, how about putting vertical wooden palings on with pointed tops? That would do the job nicely without having to remove anything.
    The Gents toilets are coming along very nicely. Even the ceiling lights blend in, and the tiles are very original looking.
    All in all, well done. The B.O. is looking the business too.
    I await seeing the platform under-canopy lights next.
    Great work all round. Regards, Paul.

    1. I think you you'll find, St.Blazey, that if you look at what old photographs survive, they've got it about right with their post and rail fencing. I admit it's very difficult to tell from old black-and-white photographs.

      Pailings with wooden tops are what they are using on the the new station at Corwen on the Llangollen railway, until they can afford something better. Of course, in their case, it is a totally new build. Not a replica. The finished result will resemble aspects of the 1930s rebuild by the GWR at Leamington, so, unlike Broadway, it will not be a "replica". Neither will it be a pastiche. Even so, we are looking in this case at a new station rebuild of circa £500,000.

      Yes, my friend, those are the sort of prices we are looking at now. Everywhere.

      So, good luck those who make it.

      And, always, good luck to the GWSR and its supporters.


  4. The post and rail fence along the drive is historically correct, we have an old photograph that shows it.
    The canopy lamps are currently being manufactured, made with drawings based on inspection of historical photographs.

  5. Does Jo mind very much if I refer hereinafter not to "the drive" or "the driveway" , but "Station Approach". That, after all, is its original name !