Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Just a little Snow!

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Brrr, it is a cold morning, with 15 volunteers turning up today. The main roads were a bit clearer thanks to the gritters, some of the side roads though had to be taken carefully.
There was a promise of heavy rain in the weather forecast for late morning so it was a case of getting as much done as possible before it got wet.

Ice Trail

The Monday crew did a lot of walking up and down, as can be seen by the ice trail. Soon shovels were out to make the path safe, the platform edge was also cleared of snow.


The snow had caused some damage at the station. Several large branches had snapped under the weight of the snow and crashed down on Platform 2. Here in the photo below, the lamp post top came off worst, but fortunately, there was no damage to the lamp post.

Vic, Mike and Chris cut all the timber into smaller pieces and transported them to the bonfire area, where later a fire was lit. The wood being a bit damp took a while for the fire to get going.

Ice Clearing

Shovels at the ready are Rod and Mike, chipping away the ice. Also clearing the reinstated crossing is Terry, giving it a sweep. (Is he Curling? I cannot see the stone?)

Clean Out

On Tuesday next it is expected that the station floors will be screeded so a clearance of all the rooms had to be done. Here Peter, Mike S, Dave H, Brian, Bob & Paul moved all the wall boards and other bits of apparatus from the rooms.

Fence & Driveway

Two other areas being worked on today.

1) The security fence alongside the permissive footpath required supports. Tony organised a crew to fetch over extra panels for the supports and Vic attached the clamps to lock the panels in place.

2) The driveway, where kerbing was being worked on by Rod and Terry. Photo to be taken next Saturday.


We had gas people in the station installing pipework, also the platform paving slab installer came and checked the slab quantity and did some measuring for the future.



  1. Wonderful work to get anything done in this weather. I hope you have all your station doors on !!

    As to the driveway, I suppose that will have to wait for a full thaw (which may well happen, according to the forecasters).

    Hope you enjoyed your lunch in Broadway. It looked very nice. You deserve it.

    A very great shame about the snow damage to the lovey old tree. Hopefully, it will grow back.

    Peter Wright

  2. Sorry to hear about the branch (not line) damaging the lamp. Post being cast and top being of lighter construction, not surprising that the top came off worst! Did the same fate befall the security camera that covers the station building?, or is that a different issue?
    I have always said that snow is fine on Christmas cards and from behind glass with a good fire in the grate! and a glass of something warming, otherwise it is a nuisance to all!
    Anyway, well done to all that turned out to do more work on the station and braved the treacherous roads! Regards, Paul.

    1. I couldn't agree more with St. Blazey. His comment really touches a chord. When we were boys we loved to play and lark about in the snow. But in old age, snow is very pretty when viewed through a (double glazed) window, with an open fire, and a glass of something warming.

      Carry on, when you can, brave volunteers. We're with you (in sprit : preferably a VSOP Cognac, or a fine old Scottish highland single malt. But never together. As they say, never mix the malt with the grain).

      Go on, as and when you can, good friends, and bless you all for all your efforts.

      Peter Wright

  3. The bravery of the 15! Any other volunteer group would have just said "not today". Now why didn't the branch get cut up into fire size pieces and be put into a dry place to dry out ready to put onto the waiting room fire when the station opens? Just thought I would ask! Not long to go before the big day, look forward to seeing your next report and pictures. Well done every one for turning out in such cold conditions.
    Paul & Marion.

    1. Maybe the fire was ore necessary NOW rather than in the (hopefully warmer) days of March?
      "The bravery of the 15", sounds like a quote from tales of a Cohort of Julius Caesar's army!