Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Different Venue

Saturday 9th December 2017

It was a cold day for the gang as they turned up to work, not so much manual labour, but working the jaw! (Haw, Haw!).
It was a different venue for the BAG team today, some even brought along their better halves. (Sorry fellows had my arms twisted).

We were at The Broadway Hotel in the village of Broadway.

We were here last year so this was our second visit to the hotel for our annual Christmas Lunch. The choice was two or three courses, depending on how much one could feast. Traditional turkey and stuffing followed by plum pudding for afters. Alternatives were available for those who wanted to wait for Christmas Day to have their festive meal.

The Gathering

The Long Table

One end.

from the other end.

The Head Table

Is there a Bride & Groom.
Whoops wrong venue!!!!

Watch what you do with your finger!

The Small Round Table

The Larger Round Table

Where is King Arthur. Are these his knights??

The Flower Ladies

Here are Edna and Julie having been presented with a thank you bunch of flowers by Tony our Chairman in appreciation for all their hard work in raising funds through the Bric-a-Brac shop.

There was also a very warm welcome to Bill Britton and his wife. Bill being a past Chairman of Broadway Area Group. Also our past GWSR Plc Chairman, Alan Bilbey, was dining with us and said a short piece on how privileged it was to see the progress made on Broadway Station.

Blast from the Past

Bricks Part 2

Here are some more photos of bricks at Broadway Station and from where they came.

This first shows John B and Robin cleaning bricks that came from Coleford in 2013.

The next three photos show the Mythe bricks from Tewkesbury, which was part of the railway line that ran from Ashchurch to Malvern. The recovery was made in the years 2013 & 2014.

Picture 1 the bricks before demolition. Picture 2 unsuitable bricks used as filler material. Picture 3
the Cotswold Stone used for wall building.

In 2014 a large team of BAG members went to Avonmouth Docks where they demolished an old turntable pit. Picture 1 shows part of the

wall and underneath the rubble were even more blue bricks. The 2nd picture shows the bricks all bagged waiting for transportation to Broadway.

Finally, the last lorry load of bricks arrived from "Crossrail" in London in November 2014.

So that is our brick story with thanks to all who helped. The next stage is where did they all go??

Vic -  The Garden Gnome


  1. I was a bit disappointed to see so few of you wearing your Christmas cracker paper hats! You've got to look a bit silly on these sorts of occasions! Hope you enjoyed your well deserved meal...

    1. We hadn't yet pulled our crackers. Waiting for me to sit down!!!???

  2. I would also like to add my festive felicitations and wish you all a merry Christmas, you well deserve your Christmas feast. I've got mine at the GWRSA at St Blazey next Sunday (17th). We are expecting exactly 100 members for our feast with music and games all laid on as well. Regards, Paul.

  3. I see from the security camera that you've had a covering of the 'white stuff' today (Sunday 10th). Only rain down here in Cornwall but darned cold! with intermittent sunshine. Weird weather! Regards, Paul.

  4. I notice that one of your security cameras has ceased to function. The one that focuses on the station building. Probably due to the weather. Regards, Paul.