Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A busy 3 days

Wednesday 20th December

Fog, mist and low cloud was the weather forecast for today. Sixteen BAG volunteers at Broadway Station set about the various jobs required. This was to be our last working day before Christmas.

The busy 3 days consisted of Monday - the electrics being connected, Tuesday - screeding floors and Wednesday - various jobs (see below).


Western Power came in on Monday to feed in the cable and connect to the mains supply. We now have to wait for the installation of a meter and a further connection at the Station end.

This photo is from Saturday. There was a large hole at the end of the trench, where the cable connection was to be made.

                                         On Monday the trench and hole had been filled in


The 3 contractors to do the floor screeding arrived in their van and proceeded to unload their equipment. Whilst the 10 BAG volunteers sorted out shovels and barrows for the moving of mixture.

"Unload over there please!"

Is that all there is?

We soon had a convoy of barrows being filled mainly by Rod (the shovel), helped at various times by Dave B, Keith S and Vic. The screed laying started off in the nearest room and moved along the eight rooms as each one was finished. So first of all it was a short run for the barrow pushers but the run got longer as the morning wore on.

Rod filling the barrows. Is the heap getting smaller?

Barrows all lined up.

The visitor in the background is our tiler, inspecting the samples.

A cuppa before screeding the floor.

Floors all finished.

 Room 1 - Gents Toilet
                                     Room 2 Disabled Toilet

                                                                     Room 3 Ladies Toilet
                                    Station Master's Office

 Ticket Office and Entrance Hall

The Tea Room and Kitchen at the start of screed laying and then finished floors.

We did have a small amount of screed left from the big heap which was disposed of nearby.

Telephone Box.

We were fortunate to have Steve and his JCB on site. This meant that we could move the telephone box to its new position.

 Telephone Box on the old site

                Nearly there!

The Box in its final position.

Heras Fencing

The Heras fencing, which collapsed a few weeks ago, was finally finished today, Wednesday. Vic with the help of his colleagues:- Tony, Peter Q, Paul, Dave H, Chris & David H, who carried over the panels. Vic then fitted the clamps to hold it all together. There are now eight supports at various positions along the fence.

Wood Posts and Kerbing

With the Telephone Box now in its position, the adding of 3 more posts by Rod and Terry could be positioned around the concrete base.

Here Mike and John B contemplating what's next.

Terry and Rod went on to extend the kerbing up the drive, helped by Paul (the mixer), Vic and David H.

Many minds were contemplating "Have we got the right lines for the footpath and the fence?" Also how much more infill is needed?

Station Building

As we were waiting for the screed to harden, no access was permitted to the inside of the building, so preparation work was being planned for a future date.

Here is Mike S doing a bit of painting. Neal was preparing wall boards and up in the roof was Peter Q and John S fitting loft boards.

Posts for Running in Boards

The four posts for the modesty screen had been transferred to the Toddington end of the station and Jo came in to advise on their painting and installation. These are required for Platform 1 building south end and Platform 2 building north end.

John C managed one on his own. Jo and Dave B inspect the differences. John S and Clive share the load.


We shall now be away over the Christmas and New Year period, but hopefully, the ballast drop will be carried out on Saturday, when the Turnout is connected to the Running Line through the Station.

The ballast train waiting for connection and a loco. Which loco will it be???

From the Editor John S and blog writers Paul, Dave H and Vic may we wish all our readers a Happy Christmas and New Year celebrations as we enter 2018 and Broadway Station Grand Re-Opening!



  1. What a grand pre-Christmas effort by you all!
    May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year, (and while we're at it), here's a cheer to the re-opening in March 2018. Regards and seasonal felicitations, Paul.

  2. Cor, St.Blazey, you were up late! Well the BAG has done so much in a couple of days that would make professional builders look so slow! What a great effort by you all and with the weather not so kind either! To the whole team, may we wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. you do deserve your Christmas break. So please enjoy it and we all look forward to further progress at Broadway. Well done to you all, we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
    Paul & Marion.

  3. Thank goodness the weather wasn't too bad over the last few days; it really can be a show-stopper, especially if there's precious little daylight too. Thank you very much for your blogs throughout 2017, apart from the period when the signal box was under construction, this year has, in my view, seen the biggest transformation to the site and we can now see more clearly what awaits us in March. Also, a very good call (so to speak) to relocate the phone box slightly such that it doesn't intrude so much on an "Edwardian" station scene. Once again, thank you so much for your efforts.

    1. Ted,
      I couldn't agree more about the GPO telephone box. I love it, and would have hated to see it go. But, oh dear. it didn't belong right next to an "Edwardian" station. I'm so glad they are keeping it, albeit in a less conspicuous position. I really didn't think they'd move it like this. Bravo.
      What a smashing job they are making of the station. And the PW team. And S&T. What extraordinary men.
      Merry Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas, brave volunteers. And many thanks for the blog ! Best wishes for the New Year.
    Peter Wright

  5. All of the volunteers have put in a magnificent effort this year.
    I would like to wish all of them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    I enjoy reading the blogs every week to see the progress you have all made.

  6. ...and so say all of us. Merry Christmas to everyone, volunteers and supporters alike. A hoppy new year, like no other on the railway, it will go down in history in a big way, next Christmas will be a very different affair with Broadway in full steam