Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bric-a-Brac Last Day, but I'll be back.

11th November 2017

On a cold wet Saturday 15 volunteers braved the elements. Five were taking part in a strimmer/brush cutter course which would take up best part of the day. The remainder were mostly busy on the track side of the station but there were a few jobs needing to be done on the front and ends of the building.

Platform Infill

The infill material is reused ballast which has been scraped off the trackbed from the other side of Station Road bridge.

Here Tony awaits the dumper to be filled.

  Below one can see where previous drops have been made.

Here is the next drop

What more?? Here is Steve with the big dumper dropping off another load of ballast.
Only one more to follow!

Ladies & Gents

This is not an introduction to a salutation, but the toilets which will be ready when the station opens next year.

 The Ladies' toilet with moisture membrane installed.

The Disabled toilet has ceiling panels.

The Gents toilet (below) with wall panels as well as ceiling panels. The room is being scaffolded again for the top panels to be installed and the ceiling skimmed.

Water Drainage

The roof has been securely weatherproofed, but where does all that rain go? Several down pipes serve the guttering and Robin, John S & Keith G have been sorting out the drainage on the northern end of the station. Peter Q was also examining down pipes and checking the exterior walls for sealing.


Bric-a-Brac Shop

Today was the last day of opening, so a large number of boxes arrived via Peter Q. Julie and Steve commenced packing all the boxes with the last items for storage. Any unwanted items would be passed onto charity shops.

Peter Q brings in lots of boxes

It's just like moving home! Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

Strimmer & Brush Cutting 

This course was a refresher for three members and an introduction for two. John, who regularly trains in the Gloucester/Worcester area, came to give us guidance on the rules and

handling of the equipment. All five met the requirements so should be able to offer their services to the clearance teams in the future, helping to keep the undergrowth reduced on the track sides of the railway.

Brian M, Phil, Keith S, Pat & Vic (behind the camera) listen to John describing how to correctly handle the equipment.



  1. Erm... I'm no expert on these things, but shouldn't a moisture membrane go on the floor rather than the ceiling? The mind boggles...

    1. Having watched the American build programs, they put vapour, (vapor in the States), barriers on the ceilings to stop condensation forming and permeating the wall and ceiling boards (Drywall). Hope this helps, regards, Paul.

    2. The floor does have a waterproof membrane in it - you can see it being laid in the blog entry for February 11 2016. The upper membrane is to stop condensation getting into (or through) the ceiling.

      Given that the 'attic' at Broadway is open to the air along one side of the building, I wouldn't have thought condensation in the roof space would be a problem - after all, there's plenty of ventilation. But it's not a bad idea to stop moisture getting into the ceiling itself.

      Putting a vapour barrier in the ceiling is commonly done in the USA, but it seems to be a relatively new thing in the UK.

    3. In the roof there is going to be 300 mm of fiber insulation with 22 mm chipboard decking on top. The vapour membrane is on the warm side of this to stop condensation.

    4. Ta muchly for the expertise. It all makes sense now. Thanks, Gents!

  2. Thanks for the Saturday update, Vic/David. Note that pictures 1,3 8 and 11 don't enlarge when you click on them, though!

  3. Nice Saturday update. I relish any and all updates on all the blogs but particularly look forward to the ones from Broadway. Regards, Paul.

  4. Yes!.I,too like the Broadway,blogs!.Will they continue,after the opening,next March?. Anthony.

    1. The blogs are very informative and very popular so I guess they will continue to some extent after the opening in March but not with the same regularity I guess as the workload will be less - and will be proportional to the funding still needed to get stuff done like Platform 2 waiting room, bridge steps etc. I hope they are reduced to about once a month as it will allow me more time to do other things rather than being stuck on the laptop!

  5. So. What everyone is wanting to hear, and no-one is mentioning is...... what is the result of the meeting which determines the usage of the Broadway Refreshment Room/Shop? Does anyone know the outcome? Regards, Paul.

  6. The GWSR Board have allowed a Café to be in the current station building, with a two year review as part of the arrangement, as well as a required business plan and training provided.

    IMHO, this is good news.


  7. Yes, this is a good result, hopefully it will do well.

  8. FANTASTIC. The rule of lore has triumphed and common sense! Regards, Paul.

    1. Please explain what you mean by the term "lore"? I thought it was the name of a US horror anthology or a body of traditional knowledge such as in "folklore". You can't mean "law" as nothing legal has occurred (unless one could say that the directors acted unlawfully in deciding to do away with the café without making it public. The common sense bit is quite appropriate and, I agree, the outcome is a good one. Toddington Ted.

    2. The rule of Lore as in the rule of King Arthur, and the reference to it reminds us that it was upheld.
      Another instance is taken from Star Trek as in Data and Lore. They are, in the show, two versions of an android but take their names from history. Regards, Paul.

  9. We must all help and get this opened .Can the 'little 'room be fitted out by Easter and winter training by OTC, How many tables and 4 chairs will fit in the café ,similar size as Winchcombe ? john M.

  10. Does the Board's decision mean that the screen for the bins at the south end of the station building will be installed as intended?

  11. yes they should try to get the cafe open for Easter simply because of the hordes of people coming to Broadway that weekend plus some temp parking under bridge farmers field poss it's gonna be great don trump.