Sunday, 5 November 2017

Pipes Galore

Sat 4th Nov 2017

Rain, rain go away . . . well by nine o'clock it had. There were 12 volunteers from the Broadway Group on site today, also on the trackbed was a large gang from Permanent Way, so things were moving along on all fronts.

Plant Moving

Vic was digging up the flowering shrubs from the front of the Bric-a-Brac Shop to transplant down the drive entrance. A bed was made for 2 Hydrangeas and a further bed for Canada Daisies and a couple of Begonias.

 Hydrangeas and Daisies

Pipe Laying

Last Wednesday, the rain water pipes and service ducts were laid out underneath the station canopy. Gravel needed to be brought by the barrow load to cover and protect the pipes. (It was nice and dry under here so some were happy, others had to get wet). Three ducts and one pipe were laid along the platform, one next to the station wall, the other three going along the centre. These three would be supported and covered with sand and the same to the pipe using pea gravel.

The drain team consisted  of John C, Tony, John S, Robin, Ron, Keith S, Peter K. Phil & Vic.

A regular 'train' of barrows came to the stock pile where Phil & Vic shovelled away filling each for the barrow pushers to take to the coal face. Vic is behind the camera here so, in the meantime, the pushers had to fill the barrows.
While all this was going on Neal spent the day preparing some rooms for the plasterer, who is due to start on Monday.
Stuart has just opened up the shop and is going to join John B in the office to discuss their day's work programme.

Bric-a-Brac Shop

Edna was today's shopkeeper and, as can be seen from the pictures below, some of the stock has been reduced both by sales and removal into storage containers. More will be moved to storage next Wednesday, so there are still bargains to buy if you're quick! I think Edna was shy today, keeping behind the camera. 

Closing the Gap 
In earlier blogs, photos have been shown of the platform wall closing and the gradual infill of this area. It is taking a lot of old ballast to bring the level up to the required height. The next photo gives an indication of how much is needed for this to be achieved.


The Permanent Way Gang split into two teams, one laying the sleepers and fitting the rails, whilst the other fitted fishplates and clips.


Further details of the Broadway Extension can be found on the Blog written by Jo. The photo on the left, shows how far they had progressed by lunch time; nearly halfway down the station!

All photos and blog by Vic 


  1. One question - do you have a station clock in store for Broadway? I just happened to search around on an impulse and found this:

    It's a little hard to tell for sure but it does look alot like the one at Toddington, so thought you should know about it.

  2. Hello Vic
    Another great weekend of work, it is all coming together, we are a little concerned about the comments in the Extension blog about the café/sale room though. We are having a good think about making a comment on that blog.
    Great pictures again, well done.
    Paul & Marion.

  3. why do you not inform us of the room changes at the station , you should be as concerned as the 57 comments from others are which is reported on the Extension Blog .This should not be kept a secret , lots of frustrated shareholders are taking action to see the café restored .john Mayell

  4. We have had the Board’s view. Here is a customer’s view.

    Broadway Station

    .The Rose family decided to take the grandchildren to a pretty Cotswold village called Broadway.
    “Hey kids! Let’s go for a ride on one of those old steam trains. Look!” They poured over a shiny new brochure.
    “There’s a village where, many years ago, great grandpa and great grandma had their honeymoon in a posh hotel called The Lygon Arms. That was in 1939.”
    “ Boring, Boring, boring!” chorused the three children.
    “Remember I told you about flying great grandpa. He photographed the German dams after the big dambuster’s raid.”
    “Boring, boring, boring!” chorused the kids again.
    It’s a two hour drive to Broadway, thought Grandpa Mike. Hope there is somewhere easy to park. We’ll grab a bite to eat with a cuppa and perhaps we can sit on the platform and wait for the train. I can explain to the grandchildren how the stations used to be when I was a train spotter at Oxford.
    I bet they’ll be gobsmacked when the steam engine arrives.
    I hope, thought Grandpa Mike…..

    There nothing like a friendly cuppa, thought Grandpa Mike.

    ( Historical references are true)

  5. Vic, be honest, at what point were you guys made aware about the change of plans re the Cafe by the Board. Just a few weeks ago there was debate about what the Cafe was going to be called after all.

  6. Judith & I popped along to see progress after a steam gala meeting on Saturday. Saw the signs on the fence labelling all the parts of the building including the café, but was surprised to hear there will be no café? All a bit confusing. Great progress otherwise, really impressed with all the hard work that has gone into this project. The station canopy is looking fantastic. Well done.