Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Very Wet Day

Saturday 18th November

Unless the volunteer was working inside the station building, it was a case of getting wet and muddy. There were only 12 volunteers on duty today, perhaps some of the others were watching the afternoon rugby or starting their Christmas shopping?


The plasterer came in today and continued with the Gents toilets. The ceiling was completed on Friday and now its the turn of the walls.


The two areas north & south of the station are nearly at their correct level with the infill. To help compress the material, we use a vibrating roller and mini digger.
Here, John C has first go at starting (give it kick John). "No I'll do it!" said Tony. So Tony demonstrates how to do it and off goes the roller (plus Tony) to the north end.

John finds an easier way to do the south end. He can sit in comfort, out of the rain and just go backwards and forwards. (Ah! This is the life!).


The kerb stones ready for the drive were situated on the wrong side, so Stuart, Peter K and Robin produced the muscle power. Using the lifting tackle they moved around 32 kerbs from one side of the drive to the other. (Sorry no picture of this).

Track Bed

After having their breakfast down the line, the P/Way team came into the station to further the track laying. This photo depicts sleepers ready to be laid onto the running line. The P/Way team were at lunch. (They always seem to be eating!)

Well, they do a lot of hard graft in between meals! (Have to keep the inner man filled!).


The time had come, that we could recommence the wooden fence installation up along the drive, so Rod, Keith and Vic sorted out the correct posts to install, but first we had a 'Last Post' to remove. With the help of John C and mini digger, it was soon out if the way.

A few hours later some new posts had been installed, with steady progress towards the station building.

The ground here starts to rise, so longer posts are needed. It proved quite difficult for the post auger to penetrate the hard clay along with a few bricks and stones that were in the way.

Rod the auger operator was feeling quite tired by the end of the day.


John B, along with Stuart, removed the guttering from our old shop but on occasions chatted to the many visitors who came to see the progress of the station building.


At the entrance to our drive we have advisory signage for visitors. One post was not quite tall enough for viewing the notice, so an extension was required. This was Peter K's first job of the day, with the help of Stuart, to extend the post to the required height.

The post is there behind Peter.

Track Extension

The next photo taken from the south end of Platform 1, shows how near the running line is to where the turnout will be installed. Not far now!

What Next?

Here is a picture of the station building. The lads are looking at what's to add next. The windows are in. Could it be the doors? Yes, it could. During the afternoon Neal made a start on fitting the first of the doors, hence the interested group in the doorway.

Another Visitor

Anne, one of the ladies who helps with the running of the bric a brac shop, came in to renew her work permit (a requirement for all volunteers on the railway). Anne has also provided the shop with jam and other produce. (Mmm! Lovely plum jam!).



  1. Well, you battled through the wet weather! All looking very good and coming along apace. Just a thought: Where the platform infill is, the driveway is low there. Why not put in a loading dock from the drive to the platform before any more infill is placed? It might be very useful in the future. As I say, just a thought. Regards, Paul.

  2. It’s good to see progress all round despite the weather.

    I am just wondering is there an issue with the flashing on the south end of the station roof ridge, it looks a bit moth eaten.

    Regards Paul

    1. Last thursday we put the trim strip on the edge of the roof sheeting on the south end. The lead flashing contractor is coming in to put a brazed up lead end cap on to finish this as we as the other end

    2. Thank you Neal.

      Regards Paul

  3. Perhaps,your little bric a brac shop,could be moved to somewhere,on Platform 1. Exellent progress,on what was a dreary,cold day!. Anthony.

  4. 2 or 3 GWR poster boards on the blank cafeteria wall facing the platform with repro GWR "Visit Stratford on Avon", "Visit the Cotswolds" and "Visit Cheltenham", would fit the bill!

    1. Or any historically informed advertisement e.g. a trip on the new service to the west country (change at Cheltenham Malvern Road?) or a local purveyor of velocipedes!

    2. REPRO! Not if this team has it's way ! It will be real or not at all!!

    3. You are joking of course. Nearly all signage on heritage railways such as poster boards and posters are reproduction. Originals are extremely rare and worth a considerable amount of money. Even most of the metal enamelled advertising signs are reproduction, most originals suffer from rust. However, as you probably know from reading these blogs, some original Broadway advertising signs were donated to the GWSR some time ago but, given their rarity, I guess will be displayed inside the building (nothing wrong with that of course).

    4. Agreed - if they contribute to the Edwardian ambience carefully chosen facsimile signage should be used where appropriate. I haven't read any negative comments about the 'REPRO' bricks used to build the station! Hopefully some imitation might be used to give a more authentic appearance to the large window i.e. divided into two smaller ones.

  5. See Photo at location:


    1. Lamps under the canopy with 'Broadway' lettering
    2. The poster board on the wall of what was then the Gents
    3. The corrugated hut at north end of P2
    4. hanging 'Way Out' sign under canopy
    5. Fantastic period clothing!

    1. It's interesting to see in the photo how open the cutting looks with no trees on the skyline an effect enhanced by the goods siding. It would be excellent to see the siding re-instated in some form in the future. Are they horse boxes in the siding?