Saturday, 14 October 2017

New Glass

Saturday 14th October

A dry day with light cloud followed by sunny intervals. Today we had 11 BAG volunteers, 2 glaziers and a visit from Mark, a team member involved with 'Wartime in the Cotswolds'. The 11 had a variety of jobs around the site, removing a wood post, sorting out an electrical cable and installing metal posts at the drive entrance. The glaziers were fitting the last of the glass panels on the roof, Mark was surveying the area to see what would be available at Broadway for the special event next April.

Vic took on the task of removing the post, which was part of the viewing stand we had here. It was well concreted in but with a bit of brute force Ron finally helped to pull it out.

I suppose I should have taken a selfie???

Group 4

Our security cameras have been installed at various positions around the station. The redundant cable in the original position near the telephone box could now be removed. Robin, Ron and Keith started the operation, joined later by Phil.

With this completed they then set to and moved the spear fencing, in the foreground, to the other side of the installed fence, getting ready for the next stage over the next couple of weeks.

Group 2

 Stuart opened up the shop and put out the display boards for our visitors to read. He then joined Peter down at the entrance to the drive where installation of two metal posts would take place.

Here the posts are having their length adjusted to make it easier for installation. The holes had been excavated last Wednesday, so with a little more man power they were lifted in and concreted in place.

Group 1

Mike, part of our painting team, was in today and applying paint to the gates which will be installed at the station. Later he had collected the tops of a lamp post for doing some homework.

Station Roof

Here are some pictures of the roof before and after glazing.

The station roof really looking good now with the glass installed. The gap at the end will have a temporary panel of corrugated fitted until we can extend the canopy towards footbridge steps.

The Running Line

Looking to the future, John B posted in the mess room, a map showing what our line possibly could look like????

Correction to my Wednesday blog, Steve is to have a hernia op followed later by another visit to get his ankle sorted. That's the trouble with getting old, bits start go wrong! We wish you a speedy recovery.



  1. Appreciate no immediate plans but are there estimates for the cost of the trackbed to Honeybourne junction?

  2. Are there any plans to reopen any more of the closed stations?

    1. Not that I'm aware of at present. However, that's not to say that plans aren't being made! There have been thoughts of reopening Bishops Cleeve Station in the past but the last chance to do that probably ended when the British Legion site (on part of what was once the station goods yard) was sold off not long ago. There is no room for anything other than a platform & footpath access to it now. There is space at Honeybourne Station (Network Rail) for an extension to come in from Broadway and the trackbed is clear pretty well all the way to Broadway. However, the GWSR doesn't own the trackbed and the cost would be prohibitive without external funding. (At least £5 million has been quoted somewhere.) Add to that current inflation, falling wages and the chance of higher interest rates and you have a potential recipe for hard times ahead. So, sadly, probably "no." However, that was said about getting to Cheltenham in the 1980s. Toddington Ted.

  3. Wonderful work. The glazing looks the 'cat's whisker'! The gate is looking good too. I take it that the location will be where the original passenger entrance to the station was. i.e. by the bottom of the steps from the footbridge on platform 1. Am I correct? Regards, Paul.

  4. Somewhere in between an arm and a leg, even if the uncertainty of who owns what can be surmounted. Add to that a business case for an additional 5 miles of track to a junction precisely in the middle of nowhere. There's still so much to do before Broadway is "finished"; platform surfaces, station building fit out, permanent way, S&T, footbridge steps, platform 2 building, and that's just the big bits.

    That said, Weston-sub-Edge station did look particularly lovely in old photos...

  5. Lets get this Lady fully dressed before adding any more "sisters" to the line, there is still a lot of work to be done before going any further, besides which the volunteers will need a short break before "movin' on down the line". Such a delight to see her starting to be "stripped" ready for dressing up! We were surprised to see the pictures in the extension blog!
    Paul & Marion.

  6. what has happened to the cctv pictures? still shows yesterday afternoons picture

    1. Not on mine it doesn't. Toddington Ted.

  7. Is there a mesh on the gutter outlets to prevent pine needles blocking the horizontal pipes?