Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Busy, Busy

Wed 11th Oct

Hearing the weather forecast for Cumbria today it would seem that we were very lucky here in the Midlands with it being mild & dry. Today there were 25 volunteers at Broadway Station all eager to get stuck in.

First Arrivals

Peter, Ray & Vic were the early birds soon followed by a stream of eager beavers. Vic behind the camera, 'watch the birdy'.

As usual several jobs required working on today. Sorting out the containers to obtain more storage space, placing more kerbstones on the driveway, painting the dagger boards. Clearing the roof in preparation of the scaffolding being removed from the track bed-side and the glaziers arriving on Friday.

Tony & John S in Container 3, Mike S trying to find some paint and brushes.


Down on the driveway was Rod, Ron, Keith, Young Dave & Vic. Whilst Rod, Ron & Keith were working on the kerbstone setting, Young Dave was fetching and carrying. Vic continued ballast backing on the already laid kerbstones.

Paul the mixer looking on, as Keith & Rod set out the guide line.

Paul our ever ready mixer.

In the back ground, the ballast support has been shovelled up to the kerbs. In the front are the newly laid stones and a barrow of cement brought down by Young Dave.

Platform Edging

Along Platform 1, here shows the edging slabs that have been laid for sometime. With the movement of traffic along with ageing, some of the pointing needed renewing. Bob & Clive took on this task, Paul making up their required mixture.

Bob W (above) at the Southern end, covered up his work in case it rained, Clive at the Northern end mostly repaired underneath the coping stones.

Embankment Clearance

Pat (alias Stan on my earlier blog) and Ian were the brush cutter operators today, working on the Cotswold side.

Pat giving me a wave (I think) on his own and joined later by Ian

Up on the Roof

John C, Dave H, Mike, Mike S, Neal & Peter carrying out a variety of jobs. Fitting final pieces of trimming, joint sealing and painting.

The two Mikes are seen here painting, with John & Dave using the hoist to lift and lower the required items.

Other Activities

 Rod the Milk, Buzz the Sparks
                                                       Dave & Gordon study the map.

Chris deploying his carpentry skills and Steve 'open all hours'.

 John Balderstone & Peter K discussing metal work requirements, with John C and Neal listening on.


Steve and his trusty JCB steed were preparing the land on the southern side of Broadway bridge where the running line will come through.

A ground level shot of the rails going North

It's Steve's last day today, as next week he goes into hospital for work on his other ankle. We wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. Graham the Paint is also to have tests, so hope all goes well for him.

Julie & Terry are both suffering the seasonal ills. (Sniffle, sniffle).

Glass Panels

We were hoping they would and they did, the glass panels have arrived. Unloaded and lifting up onto the scaffolding boards. Just need some glaziers now?  Photos by Dave H.



  1. You are not wrong. It was very wet here in Cumbria until mid afternoon. Keep up the good work its looking great.

  2. Woo hoo, glass, ballast, rails & roof, its beginning to look like a station! Great work everyone. In my last comment, with the excitement of a trip to Scotland, I inadvertently miss spelt a locomotives name, my sincerest apologies to all, the correct spelling is of course Foremarke Hall! As for the Jacobite trip, it was behind a K2 and the only photos of the loco was just before the start of the trip, on the return the loco was uncoupled and run around the train before we even got off the train, then we couldn't get a picture as the curve of the platform prevented this, all done so quick, unlike our heritage line where you can also talk to the driver and fireman! this and the good work done by the volunteers is why this is the Cotswold Smiling Line!!
    So again I advertised the line to all who were listening!!!
    Great work every one. We missed not being able to see the blogs whilst away.
    Paul & Marion

  3. Many thanks for the update, always a good read! Rather like some "Grand Designs" tv programme, the glass panels (in this case for the roof) are always eagerly awaited!

  4. Great to see the glass panels on site and the glaziers imminent. We may be close to stopping the rain falling inside the building so it can start properly drying out! What's the state of the sheeting on the roof - is the drive side now completely sheeted over? Is the chimney flashing done?

    1. The flashing needs to be finished around the second chimney and then this will clean the way to put the last twenty sheets on. This should be done in the next week or ten days

  5. Busy, busy - indeed!! It's all going on now. It was also very rainy down here in St Blazey too. My works at the GWRSA club has had to be put on hold due to a painful trapped nerve, which, of course, hurts far from where it is! Not too disappointed though in this weather - instead I have repaired to my shed for indoor small works to good music. Then (slowly) to the club for a (medicinal) pint! Regards, Paul.

  6. i hope it isn't like a Grand Designs project. Usually at this point its October, its raining, the roof isnt finished, they've run out of money, the builder has walked off and the wife is pregnant|

    1. Why did the builder get pregnant, who did they run of with? What rain? Money is always short on any project!!!