Wednesday, 18 October 2017

That`s Topped It !

Wednesday 18th October 2017

23 volunteers turned out today, it was a very grey and overcast day, the threat of rain as per some forecasts never appeared so onwards and upwards for some and downwards for others.

First to the painters, only two today but they seemed to be everywhere today.

Mike was told that the previously installed down pipes from the fascia to the swan necks had to be painted light stone so off he went and painted both of them.
Then he joined the other Mike priming the wood that will be eventually be used for skirting boards.

Then moving on to priming the internal window sills.

Just outside of the station building a small gang of Terry, Rod and Dave with Keith providing the mix and with the help of Adam on the mini digger started the task of slabbing the gap wall.

Terry and Rod seen in the first picture positioning the first slab and at the close of the day the platform edge is complete. Bob had been following behind them pointing up the gaps between and below. They even had time to replace a previously broken slab.
In the second picture behind Neal and Terry a shuttering box has now been placed, this is where the last lamp post on Platform 1 will be installed, the height of the infill is at the correct level so that in the near future ducting can be installed to the nearest power box then the level will increased to just below the platform .

Up on the roof Neal and John S carried on with the sheeting of the station roof.

Starting just after the northern chimney, which had had its flashing completed by John C, they soon got into the flow and by the end of the day they had finished the car park side .

That`s all the sheets now fitted and the roof finished bar a bit of flashing on the ridge. The building is virtually dry inside now except for the windows and doors!

Just a shot of how dry the scaffolding is now and the glazed panels that had been fitted last week.

Elsewhere around the site Pete fitted some noggins between the joists after he and Dave H had modified a fence panel. Clive helped the fencing contractor for the morning. Dave H and Brian made a collar for the telephone kiosk. Vic and Keith did a spot of backfilling behind the drive way kerb stones.
And Julie and Steve continued the clearing out of the bric a brac hut to help with its eventual move up onto the platform.

And finally a picture of the station building from the drive side.


  1. First picture: With reference to the downpipes being painted LIGHT stone? That should read DARK stone, yes? Easy to make a typo when you're tired. That was always my excuse; and when I was doing the excursion poster to Bournemouth for BR at Kiddermister, (Detatched from Guards duties for the day), I missed the 'E' out of Bournemouth, but when I was told about it, (frequently), by the B.O.clerks, I simply said 'that it proved that they had read the poster and it should be adopted as standard in future as people love to find something wrong, especially with a hand drawn poster. The boss liked the answer but the jury's probably still out with the clerks!
    Great pictures anyway and we live in wonderful times! Regards, Paul.

  2. The building is really looking good, are you going to have a "topping out" ceremony? She(the station) deserves a bouquet! All you volunteers need a celebration for this major milestone on this journey! Great work and a great report with wonderful pictures of our new "Lady". St. Blazey, so you were the one who spelt it wrong! we remember seeing the poster at Reading station and thought then who allowed that! Great you can admit your mistakes!!!
    Paul & Marion.

    1. What on Earth was my hand drawn poster doing at Reading? And, yes, I can admit mistakes; especially if it will cause a laugh or smile. I have many stories from those days from drivers and guards as well as from my own experiences. Regards, Paul.

  3. When does the scaffolding come down ?

    1. We have not set a date for the entire scaffolding to come down, although its not far away, but more will be removed from the track side of the building next Wednesday.

  4. Will you be painting the guttering in dark stone to match the wooden moulding?

  5. A very significant milestone achieved now the roof's on, especially given that the winter will soon be here. It seems to have taken forever to build this gem of a station but, looking at the photos taken at Broadway this time last year, the building then wasn't even quite at roof height! Awesome. Toddington Ted.

  6. Not sure about the "bit of flashing on the ridge". Wrangling 40 metres of lead perched up on that slippery roof ain't gonna be a piece of cake! Might need a sky hook or two....

  7. With the roof,virtually finished,the inside,can start to dry out,a bit!.Any idea,when the glass,will be put in the windows?.Yes!.The progess made,since this time,last year,has been truly,awesome!. Anthony.

  8. Cherry picker needed for the flashing job

  9. Congratulation to all in the magnificent rebuilding of Broadway Station.
    Re the comment by St.Blazey, it seems to me all guttering and down pipes were painted "stone" (whatever "stone" means : in GWR days I vaguely remember a sort of light brown. I don't ever remember guttering being painted black. But I am getting old now. Maybe I am wrong.


    1. I am sure that 4 blog already mentioned the black guttering will go 'stone' at a layer repaint. U guess they ran out of time with the scaffolding