Thursday, 5 October 2017

It's all go

Wed 4th October had 22 volunteers on site with weather chilly but dry. Who forgot to take their camera? Thanks to Dave H for all the photos.

It is the last month of regular trains running, with November being a closed month before Santa trains in December. It is still "all go" at Broadway as we get the station ready for opening in 2018.


Here is Mike T, Ray & Mike S applying coats of paint to the dagger boards and other bits on the roof.

Roof Team

Neal & John S were also working up on the roof fitting small pieces of corrugated around the south chimney while Peter and Dave were fitting down pipes to the guttering at the rear of the fascia board panels.

John S trying out the entrance/exit from the ticket hall, it will be easier when the scaffolding is down.

A Bonfire

Is it Nov 5th? No just burning old bits of timber as the tidy up all around the station continues. Martin & Clive keeping up wind. The bonfire was on the site of the platform 2 waiting room so that the trackbed doesn't get dirty from the ash.

Embankment Clearance

 Brian M was on his own today tackling this task, using the chain saw to finish off cutting the over growth of trees & shrubs along the Malvern side of the cutting.

Station Driveway

A team of 8 on this job, Paul on the cement mixer, Keith on the wheel barrow along with Vic. Rod & Terry the joint team leaders setting out the kerb stones. Dave B, Ron, David & Vic all worked with shovels clearing the ground where the kerbs are to be set. Rod even got the dumper involved bringing spent ballast to reinforce the edging.

Rod & Terry (left) with the dumper.
(Right) Receiving advice from Graham whom we sometimes see in his double decker London bus.

Ground Levelling

Tony led a small team in levelling the ground with rubble from where the transport entrance to the trackbed used to be.

Also on site today, doing a variety of jobs, was Chris, Keith G, John B, in the shop Julie & Steve.



  1. Reading Chris Bristow's report today, I got the impression that Broadway will open next Easter without catering or a car park, ie Booking Office and Toilets only available. Am I correct?
    Are the roof glaziers due soon? Progress brilliant as usual, a great credit to all of you.

    1. Your impression is correct. Roof glaziers are due this month.

  2. As Easter is relatively early next year (Good Friday is 30 March) the target of Easter for trains to Broadway was always going to be a tight one and I guess the GWSR Board decided that only minimal facilities would be available at commencement of services. The car park negotiations are ongoing and, at least as far as I can deduce, more facilities will come on stream as 2018 progresses. Although Cheltenham Race Course reopened in Spring 2003, it is only relatively recently that it has matured to a state that we might call complete (there is still no shelter on Platform 2 of course) so the same is true of Broadway. Volunteer labour has done wonders but it takes time. That said, I'm sure that, as more people delight in using Broadway Station in 2018, more funding will be generated to complete Broadway Station & its associated infrastructure. Thanks to the bloggers once more for a great update. Toddington Ted.

  3. From a financial point of view, I would have thought it important to get the refreshment room open for the start of services so that revenue can be created that way. We shall see. The booking office can be opened with the barest minimal. As long as it LOOKS complete from the public point of view, then to their eyes it is complete. However this is in no way to detract from the immense amount of work already done by the volunteer force, and it is purely due to them that the station has got this far. So lets just hope for good weather and we may see the station open with more done than expected. (We can hope can't we?). Regards, Paul.