Saturday, 30 September 2017

End of the Month

Saturday 30th September

There were 14 volunteers on site today. The weather was mixed with some very light showers but mainly dry so did not interfere with the work going on.


The kerbing crew of Keith, Phil, Robin & Vic started at the bottom of the drive to tidy up the ground around the drainage and cover the pipework with concrete for protection. Then using the theodolite measured out the next stage for ground clearance where the next set of kerbs will be placed on Wednesday.

Up on the Roof

Working on the roof today was Neal finishing off some trimming on the end, John S getting another roof panel for putting on the top

Broadway Station Goods Shop

The bric-a-brac shop today was looked after by Lynda and there were quite a few visitors who viewed how the station building was progressing then had browse for any goodies.

Replacement Trees

A few years ago some trees around the site had to be removed and along the Malvern side of the station Jo planted some replacements, using seeds from the original trees, and a few can be seen here doing reasonably well in their growth.

Levelling and digging

Tony, Clive, Peter & John C with the help of  Steve with his JCB started levelling the ground behind the wall with old ballast that had been collected for this purpose. With a big digger outside and a little digger on the inside it was soon ready for Clive to operate the roller to flatten it all down. Here are Tony, Clive & Peter making a start on locating the electrical conduit from the lamp post, later joined by John C also having a go with the shovel. Have we gone deep enough I'm sure it is here somewhere?

Lawn Mower

Vic had a new mower to play around with today and cut the grass behind the spear fencing and over the picnic area,

John B & Stuart busied themselves tidying up around the station.



  1. Thank you Vic, it was a pleasant surprise to get a Saturday update. It's like old times, a long wait till Wednesday / Thursday to find out what's been happening. It's good that the garage next door have given up parking on the grass at the top of the drive, so that the curb can be done.

  2. Many thanks, Vic.
    Saturday Blog very much appreciated.

  3. I agree its good to have a Saturday report.
    Can you advise when the glass will be fitted into the canopy and what will the surface be on the platforms, i assume you will be using some of the slabs and the rest tarmac.
    thanks and keep up the great work.

    1. On platform surfaces, Tin1 nit2, I remember in one of the earlier blogs that in front of the station buildings on platforms one and two it will be slabbed as per the original and the rest of the platforms will be tarmacked. Regards, Paul.

  4. I saw 2 mowers in the skip , are they knackered and do you need another ? I can bring a rotary one down for use ,john M.

    1. Hi John, The old mowers were 3rd hand and packed up, so scrapped. A new mower has been donated to the station and currently Stan has his hover mower for embankment grass cutting so we are ok at present. Thanks for the offer.

  5. Thanks John of Nuneaton I've taken your advice.

  6. Can I ask as to where exactly on the new platforms the edging slabs from the original Broadway station which were found behind P2 are now sited? Are they of a different pattern to others which have been reclaimed and brought to site?

  7. A random question please, was there ever any thought about a water tower at Broadway? Was there ever one there in the past? Just a thought, probably a little late to add one now!
    Thanks, keep up the great work, looking forward to visiting again soon.

    1. No there wasn't as there were (and are) watering facilities at Toddington (and Winchcombe). There was never a water tower for locos at Cheltenham Race Course as it was only ever used on race days (strangely enough!) and Malvern Road Stn had watering facilities relatively close by anyway. Now that Cheltenham Race Course is the GWSR southern terminus (and probably always will be) there was a requirement to add watering facilities, which the GWSR has done using an old GWR water tower rescued from? I've forgotten. If Broadway remains forever the GWSR northern limit of the line (and it will be unless we raise shedloads of cash to actually buy the line to Honeybourne), then I would guess that some sort of loco watering facility may well be installed in future but I've never seen any mention of it in the public domain. Others will probably be able to give you more information as I live too far away from the GWSR now to be regularly involved. It's never too late to add these things and the excellent, authentic Toddington water tower and water cranes are a relatively recent addition, the earlier Ashford-sourced tower now being in the loco yard. So I guess it will be a case of running the trains and seeing if a watering facility will be needed at Broadway or not. The water tower in the yard at Toddington makes it easier for locos to go off shed tanked up. The only loco that might just get caught short is 4270, as these 2-8-0Ts only have an 1800 gallon capacity and I was told by ex-BR loco crews that you never went past a water tower without topping up with a 42/52xx! Toddington Ted.