Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Putting a Lid on it!

Wednesday 13th September 2017.

Monday update.

A small band of volunteers were on site on Monday, the carpentry team of Peter, Dave and Brian completed half of the gable northern end. Whilst Neal and John S made a start on the roofing sheets on the platform side.

Firstly we had during the morning a visit from the scaffolders, their job was to remove the scaffolding from around both of the chimneys.

Here now is a view of the two chimneys in all their glory.This side of roof will be ready for its sheets once the guttering has been completed.

As I previously mentioned the carpentry team was on site on Monday and they completed the daggerboarding of the gable end, only half being done at the moment as eventually it will repositioned when the canopy is extended towards the bridge stairs.The other half of the gable will have a temporary water proof marine ply cover attached to give this end a weatherproof seal.

North end gable end ready for painting 
The below pictures shows the first sheet installed and at the end of the day the total fitted. Once Neal and John got into the swing of things they seemed to go up quite fast.

Neal lining up the first of the sheets

End of the first day 

And now Wednesday

Today saw 18 volunteers turn out for the work which mainly concentrated on or around the station building, weather was changeable mostly sunny but with one downpour around lunch time.

Firstly to the gable end which on Monday saw one half completed, today it was the turn of the other half!

Temporary sheets of marine ply were cut and fix by Peter and Dave, when the canopy eventually gets extended towards the bridge staircase these will be removed and something more permanent will be constructed. Almost right behind us all the day were the painters of Graham and Mike, no sooner were the sheets erected than -

they were painted, first with primer then the first under coat. Most of the day at this end of the building there was an overwhelming smell of wet paint! But even with just the first coat it is now looking quite smart.

Over by container 3 the other Mike continued applying the primer to the many station doors.

After the gable end had been finished the carpentry team moved on to fitting a another piece of detail which is situated below the guttering . 

Pete seen here wedging the board against the guttering board before being nailed into place. Within the hour Graham had started at the far end giving these boards their first coat of light stone.

But the highlight of the day was the rapid fixing (when they finally got going) and of the finishing of the installation of the roofing sheets on the platform side. Above seen behind Peter is Neal drilling fixing holes for the sheets. Neal and John had started the day this side of where the down pipe is seen going through the dagger boards.

Below a composed picture of the last of the fixings going in on the last sheet , a small group stayed on to watch the final moments .

Considering they only started on Monday, they have made excellent progress.The top section of the roof will eventually be glazed in the not so distant future.

As this was going on more roofing sheets were being sorted in to a pile of long sheets and short sheets.They should be lifted by the Tele Handler maybe on Saturday, onto the car park side scaffolding, ready to be started next week.

Elsewhere around the building Dave H was getting the guttering brackets fitted and guttering ready to be fitted on the car park side.

Car Park Guttering ready for fixing.

Down on the track bed Ron, Chris and Dave sorted through surplus bricks etc. and removed them to a storage area. Useful stuff!
Ron and Dave sorting.
Elsewhere Brian and Pat were destroying vegetation on the cuttings as per norm and Vic took a turn in the shop in Julie and Steve's absence .

Foot Note

If anybody is interested, or asks, we put up a total of 251 dagger boards on the front of the station !!


  1. Superb progress! Its great when the big stuff goes on, it makes such a difference so quickly! Chimneys really do look the mutts nuts, too.
    What of the ceiling joists- are they going to be boarded at some point, or do they just support the ceilings?

    1. Insulation is placed between the ceiling joists of 200 mm thickness then extra timbers are being placed on top with more insulation between then chipboard sheets on top to finish the construction. This will comply to the current insulation requirements.

  2. Excellent progress. Now the poor carpenters won't have to wear waterproofs to work in the Refreshment Room! (They may ask for glass in the windows now though - and a log fire for warmth). Seriously, the canopy roof has come along in leaps and bounds! Soon have P Way knocking on your door as soon as the scaffolding is gone! Well done to all the volunteers at Broadway for getting this far. Regards, Paul.

  3. Wow really looking forward to seeing the scaffolding come down completely and glazing in the windows and doors!

  4. Excellent progress, I'm really impressed. Somebody really must turn their attention towards getting the funding for the footbridge steps now. Any ideas when they're likely to get built?

    1. Perhaps it would be sensible to combine the footbridge completion with the platform 2 building in any funding call. The original building had an extension linked to the footbridge steps identical to that on platform 1.

  5. I'ts really great,to see the roof going on!.Soon,you'll be able to work,in the dry!.Those chimneys,really are excellent replicas of the ones,at Toddington!. Anthony.

  6. i agree with Aardvarks comment re the footbridge steps, there needs to be a plan or appeal to get them built,

  7. In the early days of the Broadway build there were always quick micro appeals via the blog, how about a micro appeal for the steps? do you have a list of fixtures and fitting that will be needed to furnish the station buildings.

    1. Slow down fellas! Be pleased, like we are, with what we have achieved and realise that there is a tremendous amount of work to do before the station opens. Some of us volunteers are spending a heck of a lot of time at Broadway to try to keep the works on schedule without bringing the footbridge steps into the equation. The steps are not all about money, there are other factors to consider. At the moment we are looking at starting construction of the steps in spring 2018.

    2. Please don't think I was in anyway trying to detract from what is being achieved at Broadway by all the amazing volunteers, the station will be a lasting memorial to all who have given both in time and finance. regards Graham Handley

  8. Great work going on at Broadway, lets not worry about the steps at this stage as only platform 1 will be in use for a while. All the volunteers are working as much as possible to get the building as complete as possible for the opening next year. The signal and telegraph department has also said that the signals will not be working for the opening so no steps to cross the line are the least of the present worries! Let the volunteers get the building ready then after that maybe there can be a an appeal for yet more monies for the steps! Keep up the good work and we look forward to another visit soon.
    Paul & Marion.