Thursday, 28 September 2017

Digging for ?

Saturday 23rd Update

9 volunteers in on Saturday. It was a clear up day today. Packing bricks, etc for dispatching to Winchcombe. John S & Neil C were up on the roof finishing a bit more on the guttering.

Trackbed before & after, north of the station platforms

Wednesday 27th September 2017

It was a cloudy day but nice and dry, with 25 volunteers in today. It seemed to be a digging day, trenches for curbs, looking for pipes and removing weeds from around the site. There were a few working up on the station roof, finishing off the woodwork around the guttering and painting.

 Rod & Terry off to work down the driveway.

 Joined by Keith, Dave & Vic and set about digging a trench for another 8 curb stones.

Tony, Dave B & John C deliberating over the recently installed concrete chamber. The chamber was put in on Monday and has been built there to allow access to the ducting between signal box and station building.

They were joined by Gordon, Ron & John S looking for a surface water drainage pipe. The pipe had been damaged when the ground was excavated for the chamber and the damaged section needed to be replaced before the ground behind the platform wall could be built up. This is expected to start next week.

The two Chris's, Dave B, Gordon  & Martin were having a weeding and general tidying up session on platform 2.

On the roof were Dave H & Mike, Clive, Bob & Keith
In the first photo Dave is fitting a recently altered daggerboard to fit around the down pipe from a running outlet. It has been decided to install two additional downpipes along the front of the canopy because of the size of the roof and the amount of water likely to run off. Mike is patiently waiting to apply the first coat of paint!

Clive, acting as the bagman, and Bob are laying a course of bricks along the top of the dividing walls. The extra course is to take the wall height well above the bottom of the joists as before they were both at a similar level.

Also working on the roof were Keith and Ron, in between helping out on elsewhere on site they repositioned some scaffold boards and Neal and John were able to fit a few more roof sheets around the chimney before the rain came and stopped play for the day.

Brian M was with Pat working yet again on clearing the embankments. This has been a mammoth task but it has made such a difference, Brian is now within sight of the boundary fence.

Paul who had been cement mixing found it was time for a cup his customary tea.

Julie and Steve manned the bric-a-brac shop for the visitors



  1. All starting to come together there at once! We are dreaming in colour now that Foremark Hall will pull into the station so soon! Great work everyone, wishing you all good weather for the final pushes when this comes together, think of us though in Scotland next week with all the rain due there, hope it doesn't rain for our daughters wedding next Tuesday, but not worried about Wednesdays treat of the train from Fort William on the Harry Potter Line!! Wish you all good fortune for next week so will report back on our trip in a fortnight.
    Paul & Marion

    1. It's 7903 FOREMARKE HALL. Toddington Ted.

  2. Great work as always. Presumably the plan would be to remove the scaffold boards/ add steel sheeting to joists after the glazing of the roof but before the last few sheets are fixed?

  3. Great progress. The carpenters are drier! and track starting to encroach on the platform roads! What a wonderful time to live in to see this happen. Regards, Paul.

  4. Can the run-off from the roof be collected and used in the locos? Being fresh rainwater, would it obviate the need for RO treatment?

    1. No, there were no watering facilities ever installed at Broadway and won't be in the GWSR recreation. Toddington Ted.

    2. Were there watering facilities at Cheltenham Racecourse before we installed what is there now?

    3. No there were not. Toddington Ted.

  5. That doesn't stop the water being collected, the GWR were an innovative company and I'm sure if they were being charged for water by the litre (thank you Severn Trent) they would have leapt on recycling. How about a storage tank at Broadway and using a couple of restored 6 wheel milk tankers to move it to Toddington, they could be moved by the bubble car as they used to do in Cornwall after the autocoaches were withdrawn.

    1. You've got 2 hopes there, and one of them's Bob! Toddington Ted.