Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Solstice

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Twenty volunteers turned out to brave the extreme heat. Wednesday has officially been recorded as the hottest June day since 1976. Fortunately several tasks were completed by lunchtime, or soon after, with a few volunteers soldiering on into the afternoon.

John S & Bob W carried on with the first row of corbelling on the platform side of the building, having completed the driveway side on Monday.
Here you see them pointing up, before the mortar dries too much.

Keith & Rod keep the bricklayers supplied.

Expertly fitted in between numerous cups of tea, Paul is trimming some edging slabs in readiness for laying on the newly extended platform slopes at the northern end. The laying of the slabs is scheduled for next Wednesday.

Back on the scaffolding:
Brian T is cutting off the ends of bolts which hold the noggins to the face of the canopy.

Painters, Graham, Brian M & Mike are busy with undercoat. By the end of play a complete coating had been applied to the platform side of the framework. Next week, it is planned to make a start on the second coat of undercoat.

                                Here you are Mike, the pic you wanted posting on the blog.

John C has started to build up the live chimney beyond roof height.
Vic mows the lawns whilst Julie sets up her shop front. Quite a busy day for the shop, I'm told.

Rod assisted by Vic sets in more edging pieces in concrete under the spear fencing, southern end of platform 1.

The concrete mixers:  Keith seems pleased to have Ian help him. Ian gets the award for most appropriate head gear for this weather. He is masquerading as either an escapee from the foreign legion or as a famous 'awrence.

David H is busy disconnecting electrics etc. from the telephone box, in readiness for it's re-siting on the platform side of the spear fencing.

John C was asked to widen the second hole on platform 2. Once this is squared up & cleaned out of loose soil, shuttering can be placed in ready for a concrete pour. He is seen with John B discussing how much to remove.  Rod is checking depths & distances with the shuttering in hole no.1.
The concrete bases will support the footbridge stairs on platform 2. Soon this exercise will be repeated on platform 1.

               Clive is assisted by Ian ('awrence") with priming the many dagger boards.

The carpentry team: Peter Q assisted by David H & Brian T is chamfering a 6"x2" beam, which will find a home on the ridge of the station building roof.

A view of the station building from under the footbridge showing the completed days painting after the painters have retired but with the carpenters still active up there.

Finally, that "Special Delivery" didn't turn up! Perhaps it was just a little too hot to work in the Sucksmith Bakery ?

Thanks for viewing

Paul Carter


  1. Wonderful pictures of excellent progress. Did the lollies at least make it? Regards, Paul.

  2. Where are all the 300 odd slabs destined for?

    1. I think I can answer that one. If you look carefully at the old pictures, you will see that immediately adjacent to the station buildings, that slabs were laid on the platform. this helped to manouver the heavy 4 wheel parcels trolleys in those areas. All GWR stations were set out the same excepting that some of the earlier builds used blue paving blocks instead of slabs. So certainly, that is where many of the slabs are destined. Hope I have helped with this matter. Regards, Paul.

    2. Spot on Paul. Exactly the same as at Toddington, where slabs are placed in front of the station buildings on the platform sides. The platform paving slabs aren't as massive as the platform edging/facing slabs but they're still bloomin' 'eavy!

  3. OK Guys, I failed to deliver! Unfortunately when I got back from my visit to Toddington I found that the heat had got to Marion and I had to take her to my daughter's home in Coventry to recover, then I managed to fall over and ended up with a bruised elbow! At some point I will return with the aforementioned and make amends to the failure to deliver! So back to business, another round of good work and my thanks to Jo and Dave H on my brief visit to Broadway the day before our holiday went pear shaped!
    Paul & Marion