Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rain Stops Play Again!

Wednesday 17th May 2017

It was one of those days, that gladly we do not get too often. After last weeks glorious day today was the complete opposite. 18 volunteers plus Julie and Steve (in the Broadway shed) ventured to Broadway station today to see what could be done in the atrocious weather. Poured down in the morning and then it poured down in the afternoon.

After last weeks container shifts on platform 1 all that was left was the gardening shed and carpenters work shed. A "small gang?" set about emptying and then dismantling the small shed, it was soon reduced to its component parts and stacked ready for removal down to Winchcombe where it has a new home.

Picture of the track bed facing north shows the shed ready for removal and the amount of rain water around. Picture taken mid morning, not a volunteer in sight.

To the north, another team started dismantling the viewing platform.

Clive and Paul on the top platform and Vic on the bottom releasing the stairs.
Its removal will allow us to carry on with the installation of the spear fencing towards the station building and below the kerb and foot fence.
But alas, there is now no means of visitors viewing what we have achieved!

By mid morning it had all gone into storage with only the stairs left .

The rain prevented any work on the station building being carried today but John C and Bob headed to the signal box to carry on with the installation of the fire place. Just a bit of titivation required now.

And that was about it, around lunchtime most volunteers were rather wet and were calling it a day, the rain had beaten us. Only Brian and Dave H stayed later sorting of a few things in the relative dryness of the containers and Julie and Steve had a few brave visitors to the bric-a-brac shed,

And Finally 


  1. Well done to you all for doing as much as you did in the rain which even down in Cornwall felt cold when out walking doggy. (Doggy thought so too). The fireplace looks rather nice in the signal box. Very flash. But take a look at Highley on the SVR for a true built in fireplace. Or one of the other signal boxes and see a 'Bomb' which served as standard for the GWR for years. The fireplace you have fitted would look more at home in the Refreshment room in the station building. The fender looks absolutely correct. did you know that many stations, especially in Wales used half of a wagon tyre for a fender? Regards, Paul.

  2. That fireplace,looks really grand!.I'm sure the signalmen,will really appreciate it,during the winter months!.Shame about the weather,yesterday!.Lets hope for better,so you can carry on,with the corbelling!. Anthony.

  3. Thanks. Is the fireplace a little ornate for a functional signal box?

    1. It is.
      A Romesse stove ex Honeybourne SB was offered, but declined.
      The hearth was due to be used in the main station building, but was taken to the SB instead.

    2. Did you not find the remains of a fireplace in the excavations of the site? What happened to that?


    3. Yes, parts of the original slate fireplace surround were found. Another complete slate fireplace surround, taken out of Toddington, was brought up to Broadway.
      Both were recently destroyed and used as infill.

  4. Looking forward to attending the open evening, I have attend them all except last year due to a holiday. I have sponsored Signal Box window, platform lamp post, Bridges and Last Mile so it will be great to see the excellent work again done by Broadway Team

  5. Sent in a comment last night but it seems to not have appeared. What I said was:
    Well done to all of you who braved the rain and cold to do as much as you did at Broadway. I like the fireplace but think it more suited to the Refreshment room or Station Masters office. For signal box fireplaces, see pictures of highly or other boxes on the SVR. Highley has an original fitted fireplace and other SVR boxes have 'Bomb' stoves which were standard on the GWR and Western Region for many years. Must be some still around. Regards, Paul.

  6. I,do admit,that the fireplace,does look as if it should be in a Victorian house!.Your north facing camera image looks like there's been a fall of snow!. Anthony.