Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Good Time Had by All

Friday 26th May

A quick report on Friday's open evening and some pictures for Paul!

Thanks to everyone that turned up to support us in what turned out to be a lovely evening. A special thanks to Peter Q who organised the evening and John C our main chef, they both spent the whole evening slaving over a hot barbeque. They were ably assisted by Lynda who took the orders and the money. Here the queue has started to form way before opening time.

This is how it looked for most of the evening at the other end of the gazebo Hilary, Ron and John B managed the bar which was very busy.

During the evening visitors were allowed up into the signal box operating room, which amongst other things gave the best view of the canopy structure which is currently being erected. John S was present to answer technical questions assisted by other volunteers. It certainly looked very smart with the restored furniture, fireplace and the blocking shelf fitted. It also gave a view of the work the contractors are doing on the embankment.

The signal box also gave this view of the far side of the drive where our picnic area will be. The Harvington ukulele group  played for us all evening and very good they were too.
A lot of people sat, with a drink in the evening sun, enjoying the music. In the foreground is the spear fencing at the rear of platform 1 and some of the platform edging stones waiting for the gap to be closed. 

Visitors were also allowed to walk along platform 2 to view the front of the station building, unfortunately swathed in scaffolding, but not for too much longer. Access was restricted as a  necessity of our visitor's safety, but it certainly allowed the progress to be viewed.

Another look at the Harvington ukulele group as the shadows lengthened.

Further down the drive Edna is encouraging a visitor to part with some money. With Julie and Steve the sales shed was a hive of activity and dispensed information as well as goodies to buy.

A final shot shows our lovely shuttle bus for the evening, glowing in the evening sun. Our thanks to Graham for all his help during the evening and the Caravan Club site for allowing Graham to turn in their entrance parking area.
Finally thanks to all the other volunteers who spent a hot day setting things up, the evening mingling and talking to our visitors and then clearing up afterwards.

Finally, finally where were you Toddington Ted? We were all looking forward to meeting one of our blogs keenest commentators.  


  1. Thanks for the chance to have a better than normal look at things! I particularly enjoyed looking at the signal box - it's very impressive in real life. And I enjoyed the trip on the top deck of the double-decker. Not done that for about 50 years!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Wish I lived closer. I hope all of you enjoyed the evening as much as the visitors seemed to. By the way, the signal box block shelf looked good with the bells and instruments placed on it. Down here in St Blazey we had one hell of a thunderstorm for entertainment. Regards, Paul.

  3. Glad I was able to drop in on the way home from work. Very impressed by the steelwork!

  4. As it's my wife and me admiring the interior of your brilliant signal box in the picture above, I must say that it was great to be able to view all your efforts which I've followed on this excellent blog for the last couple of years. Thanks for the opportunity - much appreciated. If only we lived a little closer .......

  5. I really enjoyed the open evening, apart from last year I have attend them all and marvel at the great progress. Tinged with sadness that this was the last open evening but the joy will be seeing the station open next year.
    Thank you for well run evening

  6. I was there all right! It was a very pleasant evening and it was good to meet Julie and Steve at the sales shed (one of the tidiest and most comprehensive sales set-ups I've seen too!) and the signal box visit was excellent. The steelwork on the Station building was a definite bonus, something not expected only a week ago! Many thanks for organising everything. Toddington Ted.

  7. I believe a bus shuttle service will operate to Broadway during the Classic Bus event, one year I travelled on an open top double decker, Peter Lee.

  8. Many thanks for the pictures, just a shame our visit this year was interrupted by a family illness. But good news is a great improvement in health. We hoped that the weather would remain good for you all and it looks like everyone had a good time there. Would have loved to have had a ride on the bus, Like Peter Lee, haven't done that in a few years! We are looking forward to visiting again in June and hope to meet you all on one of your working days, if you could let me know the working days in June from the 16th onwards I will bring the doughnuts! Again, glad a good time was had by all and next year it will be open! so a good inspection of the work will be possible close up!
    Regards and thanks for the pictures and write up.
    Paul & Marion

    1. Hi Paul our main work days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, but most Mondays there are some volunteers on site.