Thursday, 16 February 2017

Rain Stops Play!

Wednesday 15th Feb. 2017

With 14th Feb out of the way, 16 volunteers at Broadway & 3 at Toddington were keen to continue with the regular tasks. The day started promisingly mild & bright, but by lunchtime showers arrived & by 2pm were just too heavy for most jobs to continue.
Perhaps if some of us had taken St. Valentine's day more seriously we would have been rewarded with a nicer day. If only one of G J Churchward's Saint class had been named "St. Valentine" the lads would take more notice of 14th Feb?

Just a picture from Monday 13th, when a small team of 7 made good progress on the station building in cool but dry & bright conditions. Here John C is pointing up after building another window arch, which involves cutting intricate shapes in the row of bricks over the arch.

Back to Wednesday, and at the start Terry, Rod & Clive help John C load 5 panels of recently built spear fencing. John took these to our Toddington marquee for cleaning & priming.
Can readers come up with a suitable caption?

Dave B & Gordon assessed the northern area of our site in readiness for clearance work. We will get a visit from Viv Haines Transport next Wednesday and they will be taking surplus materials including some unusable lampposts to Winchcombe for storage. Also, various heavy items will be moved away from this area to leave it clear for the Permanent Way department. They will take over this area and tons & tons of ballast & levelling material will soon be delivered here.

John C, John, Clive, Peter Q & Brian T worked on the station building, with Paul C supplying the muck. John C built another window arch, John S continued the chimney & chimney stack build for the waiting room, Clive continued with internal wall block work. Peter Q & Brian T were busy setting blocks between the cafeteria/bookshop area ceiling joists.

Rod & Terry soldiered on with setting more edging slabs for the driveway. Keith & David supplied them with endless barrow loads of concrete mix.
Whilst volunteers on the station building had to give up by 2pm, the driveway team battled on until nearer 3pm, & got soaked in the process.

In the cosy Toddington marquee, Mike T, Mike S & Brian primed several posts & spear fencing panels. A couple of pictures of last week's work laid out in the marquee:

Meanwhile back at Broadway
The dumper was left out in the rain during the afternoon which means someone gets a very wet backside on the journey back to base!
Paul Carter


  1. Caption - " who's got the get out of jail free card?"

  2. Caption: "When you said ' Let's visit some local bars', I thought you had something different in mind!". regards, Paul.

  3. CAPTION- "I told you these one way panels work, we can see him but he can't see us" If we're quick we can go get a mug of tea and they will not know we have gone!!!! For picture three, If we lay the rails this way then we can get more wagons in here!!!
    Paul & Marion

  4. Please don't feed. Some are too well fed already.

  5. Something about "taking offence"....

  6. Caption. Many hands make Li Wok By Ray Ling, the chinese fence.

  7. Ray Ling. Lol!
    Changing the subject, is it just me, or has the Web cam gone AWOL?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We are aware of the problem and our camera specialist is working on resolving it.

  8. No reports since last week, is there a problem with the Blog?

  9. Hi Paul, the blog is normally posted on a Thursday, after the main working day, which is a Wednesday. Although work is also done at Broadway on a Saturday and Monday, the volunteers doing the blogging won't necessarily work those days, so it was decided to only blog after the Wednesday working day. Terry