Thursday, 12 January 2017

Calm Before the Storm

Wednesday 11th January

 Just a quick catch up on Saturday, 12 volunteers were on site, some further block laying took place on the inside of the station and ceiling joists were positioned in the kitchen area. Also Peter K carried on with the production of the spear fencing for the rear of platform 1. The first photo shows some of the completed panels, they will now need protecting and painting before erection. Some of the inside scaffolding was also repositioned ready for the next session of block laying. On Monday 5 volunteers carried out further block laying.

This morning a team of four went to Toddington to carry on with the wire brushing and priming of the steelwork being produced in the loco department. Luckily although very windy it stayed dry, hopefully this work will soon be able to be done under the cover of a marquee. Brian M and Graham on the wire brushes, with Mike T doing the priming with Mike S (picture taker).

This picture shows the riveting on the trusses, it is going to look so good when assembled on the station. Don't be confused by the name board this is definitely the car park at Toddington.

Brian and Graham with the correct PPE for the job. No hard hats required for this job as they are obviously not on the Broadway construction site.

On the station building, back at Broadway, Tony and Bob are getting ready to start the days block laying. No further joists can be fitted until the blocks are all up to the required level.

Here they are sorting out the insulation prior to laying the blocks between and to the sides of the windows on the platform side.

Dave H and Peter Q are finishing off the joists in the kitchen area, under the blue hat Dave is filling in the gaps between the joists with cut blocks. 

     WHO ME!

John S meanwhile carried on with the face bricks on the forecourt side of the building.

 As the afternoon drew on all the new mortar was covered up for the expected storm and freezing weather.


Chris here doing some running repairs to one of the sets of steps which we use to give us safe access to and from the track bed. They get a lot of use and have to be moved about when vehicles have to pass by. The centre drain system means vehicles have to keep to one side or the other of the trackbed.

As always other work was taking place. More work was done in the driveway on the setting of lines and levels for the wooden fencing, although no more will be erected until the ground level is made up after the closure of platform 1 gap. Also work was started on the concreting in of the rear edging slabs for the drive pathway. 
Some work was done on the area being used for the production of the spear fencing to give the fabricator more elbow room. 
Gordon and Dave B fitted a horizontal panel between the the new palisade fencing on the main road and the head wall of a ditch which takes the water from the centre drains under the road into a large drainage ditch. This was necessary to prevent anyone unwittingly stepping into the gap if they strayed off the pavement.
The last job was to make sure that all things loose and material covers were secure against the forthcoming weather. 

Posted by Rod W, additional photos Mike S


  1. Don't leave us in suspense.............why the "Malvern Wells" station board?

  2. The spear top fencing looks good. Soon you will have the roof on the station building and will be able to work in the dry. Just at the minute we are getting poor weather down here in Cornwall. Who said it was the Riviera?? Regards, Paul.

  3. Thanks for the update to the great work ongoing at Broadway. You seem to have been very lucky with the weather so far this year, which is just as well. I recall seeing a photo on the Blog dated 23 January 2013 showing a view of Broadway station with a good covering of snow. Still, it is January after all! I hope that the forecast bad weather doesn't hang around for long, if it does reach you that is. Toddington Ted.

  4. Great to see work resumes on site! And yes, don't leave us in suspense, Malvern Wells?
    regards Paul & Marion

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