Thursday, 8 December 2016

Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Volunteers !

7th December 2016

A bright, dry & much warmer day (+10c at start) greeted our 22 volunteers.
Normal bricklaying duties resumed with John S & Bob W on facework at the southern half of the station building. Clive & Peter Q were busy on internal blockwork.

Brian was busy cutting "specials" again for the brickies, until the water cooling pump gave up.

We took delivery of 92 lengths of cast iron guttering which, with the help of a few trips by Rod & dumper, were put safely into storage. These will eventually be used around the station building.

Electrician, Andrew C came in today to install trunking & wiring in the signal box locking room. The wiring goes out to each lamp post on platform 2 & now leads through the trunking to a new junction box. Eventually a permanent power supply will reach this junction box.

Our intrepid fencers (must be of Olympic standard by now) Terry, Rod & Pat had another successful day installing fence posts alongside the station approach.

Keith G was found working intently on his knees in Julie's gift shop. No, he wasn't setting a mouse trap, he was assembling another shelf .

David H built a box to house a new, large memory, recording machine for the security cameras.

Later in the day David H & Brian T rewired a pair of security cameras which oversee the signal box & gift shop.

Dave B was working down near the Evesham road, on the Evesham side of the railway bridge. He was marking out post positions & assessing a level for new palisade fencing, to be erected shortly.

What's this ? Our boss Roger B was spotted later in the day, outside & using a drill-driver!
I think the Private sign was for the gate leading into our work site, not for his office.

OK. We can't forget our painters, who couldn't paint today as the items were still too damp.
But they occupied themselves in helping out around the site. Here they are "helping":

Vic spent his day rebuilding the garden retaining wall where lamppost installations had encroached.

Last, but not least John C produced this brick arch over the porch on the platform side of the station building. The porch will lead to disabled & ladies toilets. The fantastic blazing low sun was shining straight up the track onto our picture.

Paul Carter


  1. Awesome stuff guys! Things are certainly starting to come together now, it's just unfortunate that you are so much at the mercy of the weather, especially being so close to completing the brickwork (from what my untrained eye can see from the photos) but the weather was definitely on the GWSR's side yesterday! Toddington Ted.

  2. Great to see construction possible again now that the weather has turned milder for the moment. Yes fencing is an Olympic event but are you going to field a cheer leader team? (Cheer leading being considered as an olympic event). The brick arch looks wonderful - the loco dept. will be looking to poach John! Great work. Regards, Paul.

  3. Quite honestly, in the blog pictures have you ever seen more than one person who would suitable to make up a Broadway team ?

  4. It just keeps getting better and better at Broadway! what is the date for the next open evening next year? I want to book into the caravan club site opposite to save a 200 mile round trip in one night! BTW the brick arch looks amazing, cant way to see the it when completed. Great work by every one there.

  5. Sorry about the spelling mistakes, keep getting interrupted by work! BTW, the security camera seems to be showing an old view, how do you get the live feed?

    1. Try pressing "refresh" on your webpage. I take it that you are aware that the feed will change to various views of the Broadway site during a 24 hour cycle? Toddington Ted.