Thursday, 3 November 2016

A Chilly Start To a Productive Day

Wednesday 2nd November 2016 

A chilly start didn't deter the 29 volunteers who were on site from getting on with today's various tasks around the station, and beyond!

Firstly to the station building itself. 

The blocks at the north of the building and around the Gents toilets were at a height that enable the team led by Peter Q, with Mike and Dave H, to start the installation of the first of the ceiling joists .

Peter and Mike below seen checking the distance between the first two.

By mid morning.

The ceiling joists have now covered the Gents toilets stopping just before the disabled toilet, waiting for the block work to come up to the required height before we can carry on.

Rafters in place, then all that was needed was to cut blocks to size  and cement them in position, platform side finished Pete and Mike moved then over to the drive side to complete the same on that side. Brickwork over the arched windows will follow to complete this part of the building.

The south end of the building had the attention of the bricklayers today, here John S, Bob and Tony, just out of shot, are getting ready for action! Elsewhere Clive was doing the internal block work.

Dave H, not needed at the moment on the station, turned his attention, with Brian's help, to construction of the first of the shuttering boxes for the footbridge stairs.

Two of these will be needed on platform 2, and then one will be used for platform 1. We try and recycle the shuttering so the sides have been bolted together for easy dismantling which is not easy when it's in a hole!

The team that usually works on the installation of the fencing are also dab hands at clearing ditches, a gang of eight headed north and into the far distance. Their job was to clear a culvert overgrown with trees and vegetation. The drainage for the north end of the track bed eventually flows this far so blockages could eventually make their way back.

Terry is seen attacking the vegetation with the brush cutter whilst, elsewhere, Brian took care of the trees with his chainsaw and the rest of the gang tackled the small stuff. Next shows the cleared ditch and then a picture of our " happy gang " who seemed to have forgotten  all about their missed lunch or was it just too far to walk back!

Job complete, after a late lunch they moved back to the fence line. 

A few more post and panels installed in the afternoon and getting closer and closer to the corner.

Today also saw the last of the lamp posts being installed on platform 2, below Keith and Chris straighten whilst Ian mixes the concrete. 

Also we saw the second of the drive way lamps being installed and the third lamp's position dug out ready for maybe Saturday?


Elsewhere around the drive John C and others finished the ducting from the station building to lamps across the drive. The delivery of kerb and edging stones mid morning are now ready to be installed, the line already been marked out by Gordon and Dave B.

Just a few more pictures of from around the site today.

Brian doing the dirty but vital job of cutting bricks

At the bottom signal box stairs the one post has now acquired a gate.
We are now waiting for volunteers to put the other post in!!


  1. The version of this blog seen earlier was in draft and not intended for publication hence a couple of comments have not been published

  2. I am very impressed with the progress. Why two holes on platform 2 and only one on platform 1 for the footbridge stairs? Great to see the lamp posts up and the gate adjacent to the signal box in situ. Just a painting note: GWR painted their operational gates (staff use and public use), white but with the top corner where hands would pull or push the gate in black, just a heads up. Regards, Paul.

  3. Another productive day!.It's good to see the ceiling joists'going up!.Well done.everyone!.All the Best!.Mandy.

  4. John Balderstone4 November 2016 at 11:12

    Replying to St. Blazey I would explain that 3 of the foundations have the same size, on plan, but the second one on platform 1 is larger as it also carries load from the canopy.

  5. I've received your message tin1 nit2 and passed it on to the appropriate person. Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Thanks chaps for the wonderful, step-by-step details each working session.
    As so many of our former private railways are well established, it reminds of something of the early days when the network was expanding and new lines opening to bring about a revolution in travel.
    Today we might attempt to take it for granted but as I confined to house arrest for 6 weeks or so, this is my window on the world from my armchair. Wonderful photos.