Thursday, 11 August 2016

Inside Out

Wednesday 10th August


Twenty one volunteers on site today. A different perspective on the station today, looking out from inside. Everyone working very hard on the last couple of courses before the scaffolding goes up.

On the drive side Tony is working on the last couple of courses, as is Bob W just out of shot. Assisted by Keith and Peter on the mixer.

Jo demonstrating that he is ready to start cutting even more queen closures, goodness knows how many he has cut now. I'm sure Mrs Jo loves the brick dust all over his clothes. 

On the inside of the station Clive carries on fitting the insulation in the cavity and building up the blocks


Further up the site Roger, our chairman, manfully carries on with the myriad of paperwork and planning, here deep in discussion with Brian T, our storeman. 

 To fit the cast iron downpipes to the footbridge the team have had to manufacture some brackets to bolt to the steelwork. The collar on the downpipe will then be bolted to the bracket, these need to be pretty substantial because of the weight involved. Dave is trying out one of the brackets for fit.


Brian T using the pillar drill to drill the three holes required in the brackets. As soon as these have all been manufactured and fitted, the scaffolding can be taken down.

The other main area of work today was the fence at the top of the cutting. Here Vic is laying out the horizontal rails and fitting the joining strips, which for some reason we call fish plates. Anybody would think we work on a railway.


Further along with Terry checking the post is vertical in both planes Brian M is getting ready to tip the postcrete into the post hole.

Terry still checking the level whilst Brian M is making sure the postcrete is well compacted into the hole. Martin and Steve, in the foreground, having just bolted two pallisade rails, to help hold everything square, now wait for the postcrete to set a bit before bolting on the other fifteen rails.


A longer view showing where we have yet to go. You can just make out the footgridge in the distance.

By the end of the day, despite the tree roots which meant a couple of holes had to be virtually hand dug with a ditching spade and posthole chisel, heavy work. The removal of an old broad guage rail post which was right on our fence line by Steve with the angle grinder, the team had managed to fit another nine panels.

Posted by Rod W.


  1. surprised that fencing of this type and cost is needed when you are in the countryside ,unlike Cheltenham suburbs which are a problem . Should the money have been used on priority Station work and longer term helped to fund the Car parking area ,john M.

  2. Should have put this on the last post really, but waiting with baited breath to see the 3 GWR lamp posts go up in position. "You're all doing very well", as the saying used to go on "are you being served !", and YES, I am old enough to remember the series the first time around ! Regards, Paul.

  3. John Mayall,

    I suspect there are also thieving scrotes in the environs of Broadway unfortunately. However, fencing minor railways is a requirement.

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