Thursday, 14 July 2016

Yet More Holes !

Wednesday 13th July

28 Volunteers turned out today, the weather, apart from a lunchtime shower, was bright and reasonably warm. 

A large group headed by David B headed to the furthest point on the northeast embankment to commence the installation of the security fencing, before commencement of the work it was necessary to load up the dumper with the fencing from the storage enclosure and the installation equipment, post cement, petrol auger tools etc, take it to the steps, unload, then carry up the steps then carry it along the top of the embankment, a journey of about 1/4 mile, several times.

Here Ron, Dave and Keith are making yet another trip from the top of the steps with parts for the fencing.

Below we have the start of the installation of the posts from the existing north boundary fence, Rod, Terry and Steve concreting the second upright. In the second photo, with the uprights set in the ground, Dave B is attaching the spears.Terry seen carrying water to the next upright which is is now in place and ready for concreting in.

There was no stopping them now and while most had packed up and gone home, they wanted to do a fourth, so out came the petrol auger, what the auger failed to shift, hands then got in there and did the dirty work. More news on the fence next time.

At the other end of the embankment next to the Bed and Breakfast Vic had finished his part of the fencing. Behind the tree the old rails are still in position, they used to anchor the previous wire fence, eventually the new fence will reach this point and attach to Vic's fence.


Back to the footbridge roof.

Peter Q, with Mike helping, is fixing the ridge sheet to the purlin with hook bolts, one bolt every 3rd ridge in the corrugation. It was a tricky job to drill and line up where the hook bolt had to come through but at the end of the day we were over half way. Out of shot Dave and Brian had the relatively easy task of putting the flat sheets on, they only had to overlap the fascia and dagger boards to come roughly centre of the guttering, before the ridge sheets were then fixed on over the top. After the sheets were fixed Graham followed on behind with the first coat of bitumen.

The footbridge at the end of the day, the roof over half way now and the bitumen coated section seen on the right.

At the Station building.


Bob and Tony carried on the with the rows of blues on the car park side, whilst John S had almost finished the plinth headers on the platform side, both had been fed cement through out the day by our chief mixer Paul. Jo seen having a well earned rest having been cutting bricks for both teams, as the picture below shows its a back breaking job as the brick saw bench is with us no more .

Jo cutting blue plinth bricks and in the background a delivery of fencing, which will used down the drive when the main drain is dug out.

As promised last week, this is where Jo will be cleaning and refurbishing his GWR platform lamps.

As you can see nothing but the best is provided for our volunteers, to carry on regardless come rain, wind and sunshine.

And lastly

Last weekend saw the Classic Bus Rally at Toddington, included were shuttle trips to Broadway Village, many stopped near the station drive to allow the visitors to have look at what were doing around the station. 
Below are a few pictures of the various vehicles that came our way. 
Hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. I read some time ago online about a GWR preserved bus of the 1930's. Any idea of its location and roadworthiness? Great work on the footbridge and station building. Regards, Paul.

  2. More info on the GWR omnibus. It is a Guy FBB no. 1268. Registration YF714. Restored by Colin and Helen Billington. More than this I do not have. If anyone can give me more info, would be most obliged, thanks, Paul.

  3. Full details of this beautiful machine are available on the website of the Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust