Thursday, 7 July 2016

A Lovely Summers Day

Wednesday 6th June

32 volunteers attended today, some said it was the first Wednesday that it hadn't rained for a couple of months they were right as it turned out to be a lovely summers day.

Probably the most labour intensive job of the day was the installation of the new manhole at the bottom of the driveway. This is where the station's sewerage and waste pipe connects to the existing sewage system. The line of the station drainage pipe will follow the line of the fencing, This installation will be started in the near future.

Of course with every hole we dig, something has to go into it, be it a manhole, a lamppost or gate post. in this case it was a manhole, this installation has to be back filled with concrete which was being mixed by 2 concrete mixers up by the station building and then ferried in wheel barrows down the drive. They seemed to spend most of the day going back and forth.

Here from the footbridge we see Pete and Rod feeding the steady stream of wheel barrows.

Yet another hole

 This hole which has shuttering in it and the one to the left are the holes for the gate posts. Jo and Steve checking the positioning before the they too will be surrounded by concrete. Jo hopes to install a pair of double gates here in the future.

Back on the station building, John S and Bob have started to close the gap with the blues. John on the platform side and Bob on the car park side. Both are working in the crouched over position, it can't be a pleasant way of working. Meanwhile, inside, Clive was making good progress laying the internal blocks .

The start of the day saw the first fitting of the footbridge roof panels. Here Pete and Graham under the guidance of John B, the Railway's structures engineer (stood behind Pete), line up the first sheet. They are deciding how far the roofing sheets should be carried over into the guttering and the way the sheets should be fitted to the fascia boards.

These sheets have been de-greased etched and primed by the gang lead by Graham and Mike the gang are utilising the dumper shelter just in case it rains. But today it was dry and warm, soon the paint had dried and the sheets sent to the footbridge for fitting.

A steady supply of sheets for the bridge being prepared!

By the end of the day 9 sheets had been installed by Pete and Dave, below, is the view from the northeast side. A few more weeks should see it completed (weather permitting).

3 rows of sheets fitted awaiting another coat of paint and then the layers of bitumen.

Also around the site, Mike and Brian finished the shelter so Jo can work on his lamps in the dry (pictures to follow) and then there was the endless weeding and grass cutting, below, an unknown volunteer in full kit tackles the embankment between the drive and platform 1.


  1. Looks fantastic. Hopefully passing in next week or so to see everything first hand. Quick question though is the other span that was formally at Henley in Arden anywhere around the GWSR? Cheers

  2. I wish my builders worked as hard as these volunteers! Keep up the good work, the rails must arrive soon! So if you read this blog people, then get your money out, the shares issue is the best way of avoiding inheritance tax and general taxation, gives the railway a better chance of improving the line and the experience of riding a proper train, and you get to spend the kids inheritance! Everyone wins!! Well done to you all at Broadway.

  3. By the way.. the third picture down. Comment is "Are you sure he fell down this hole?"

  4. Paul, the tax advantage is if you buy shares of £1000, the tax man gives you £300 back off your tax, assuming you have paid this amount of tax. This is what I deduce from the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

  5. Hi, fantastic progress.
    Will the stairs for the footbridge be covered too? With a landing mid point like the original ?