Sunday, 19 June 2016

The time has come

Saturday 18th June

For the weeds that is. The priority for today's 11 volunteers was site maintenance hence two or three people on the strimmers plus another one or two spraying or just pulling weeds. The weeds are just loving it at the moment with the warm and wet weather we are having, seems like they have been fed on Growmore.

Graham and Roger spent most of the day strimming with assistance later from Peter K. Graham (upper photo) is working on the cutting to the north of the station on the Malvern side. Roger is on the embankment by the road bridge, does this photo looks like a Stormtrooper about to zap somebody?

Peter K spent an hour or so replacing the bolts that had been used in the initial fixing of the smoke shields on the footbridge. It has always been the intention to replace these as they were just much too long. the difference easily be seen in this photo.

They say that every action has a reaction and today that was Dave just applying the necessary pressure at the right times before moving on to....

Yes, you've guess it daggerboards although at first sight this picture looks like he is working on the big dipper at the local fairground but the bridge is coming on well and looks great. Our visitors are really impressed when they see it 'in the flesh', so to speak.

Clive continued with the blockwork inside the building and is seen using the concrete saw purchased specially for this purpose of cutting blocks, it's a big saw with huge teeth and it certainly does the job.

Just one on brickwork today but every little helps as they say. Setting up for the next course.

Joyce and John B looked after the bric-a-brac shed today and had a productive day.

The boardroom blog records the passing of the halfway mark in the share issue and a big thank you to all our supporters for helping us get there. Amazingly, we have had some bric-a-brac shop visitors recently who have said that they believe the share issue is closed, this is not so, it is still open and we still need your support so please continue to send in your share applications so that we can reach the £1.25 million needed to get to Broadway.


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