Thursday, 2 June 2016

More of the Same

Wednesday 1st June

 First of (Flaming) June started off wet for most of the morning. This didn't stop 24 volunteers reporting for duty.
Terry and Ron carrying on with the construction of the cutting steps, here cutting in the next riser.

This shot gives an idea of the logistics with each block, slab and sand for levelling having to be carried up the ever increasing number of steps. Peter at the bottom waiting for the next request. The step being worked on is about two thirds up the cutting.

The picture tells the story of the weather with the Cotswolds in the far background hiding in the mist.
Mike and Graham are doing a trial fit of the bridge centre span roofing sheets sent by the manufacturer to check the profile of the ridge before producing the required amount. You can see the primed dagger boards at the bottom of the picture.

Looking over the scaffold to see what else was to be seen, Peter is about to pass under the bridge with a pack of insulation for the station walls

and Steve B is busy with one of the strimmers, on the never ending job of site maintenance.

 One of the more frustrating jobs of the day was moving the temporary shelter back to the other end of the site. It was used on the open evening to provide shelter for the barbeque and is now required for storing the supply of material soon to arrive for the boundary fence,
It took eight of us to carry it down to the vicinity of the signal box, but with an extension to the front added and side pieces fitted it was much heavier for the return. We tried eight, then ten, then tried to move it on rollers to no avail. I was for sawing it in half  but calmer minds managed to get the sides off and we eventually managed to get it back where we wanted it. A tired crew moving it to the final, hopefully, location. By the end of the day it was levelled, braced and secured in place.  

Work on brick and block laying eventually got underway as the rain eased, John S, Paul, Dave, Clive and Tony hard at it.

Peter S about to supply more mortar to the brickies.

Guess what more dagger boards, I should think Peter and Brian are sick of the sight of them. Having finished the one side of the bridge production resumes for the second side.

Before the aforementioned shelter could be sited some spare edging slabs needed to be moved elsewhere. Luckily Fairview had been delivering some materials and Richard had been given permission from his boss to help us out. As he has lifted most of the slabs in to position on the platforms moving a few more didn't take long.

Later  in the day Chris is raking up and taking away the grass cut by Steve earlier.  

 The steps are reaching ever upward Terry and Ron still climbing and Peter trying to keep the mud under control.
Another days work should see the job finished. All we have to do then is carry all the materials for the fence to the top!!

The last two pictures from the end of the day show how well the station walls are growing outside and in.

Clive and John pointing up the days work.

After a very successful open evening and the fabulous Festival of Steam it was good to make some more progress towards the time when Broadway station will see the crowds of happy people enjoying the 2018 Festival.

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  1. Are the steps on the Cotswold or Malvern side of the cutting?