Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Blocks and more Daggers

Wednesday 25th May

A cool and overcast day stayed with the 27 volunteers throughout the day, but as ever the work  was carried on with the usual enthusiasm.

One of the first tasks of the day included John C and helpers finishing off the storm water drainage in front of the station building. This involved the installation of a new manhole and extending the drainage pipes.

Here Peter is seen filling the ditch and covering the pipes with pea gravel, later to be back filled by John C.

The carpentry dept had an early morning request to make a temporary door frame, the reason was that the block work in the first room of the station was being started. Here John C, Tony and John S are making sure the frame is upright before commencing .

By the end of the day the left hand wall is blocked to brick height and the cavity insulation has been inserted. The internal wall and right hand wall are now 5 blocks high. This first room will be the kitchen, the next room will be the dining room. 

Meanwhile back on the foot bridge

The dagger boards which been primed the previous week were hoisted  to the footbridge and Peter Q seen in the distance got into his stride and carried on fixing them to the fascia board. Graham following painted the first layer of undercoat. By the afternoon we had one side virtually complete .On the footbridge walkway Mike and Gordon spent time removing the last of the masking tape which was still refusing to come off easily .

This was what Pete and Graham's efforts looked like at later in the day. Still the south side to go!!

Elsewhere on site

Rod and Terry's team were clearing an area on the bank in readiness for the construction of a stairway to the top of the embankment. Over the next couple of months the fence at the top needs to be replaced. Access to the top is very tricky especially when wet. Constructing a stairway will greatly assist in moving materials to the top.

Using slabs and blocks they have made a good start, only to be held up by old stubborn roots!

Clive just had to put the rear blocks behind the front row and then back fill. Both platform ramps can then have their edging slabs replaced, at a later date.

Also around the site Steve and Vic were making the site look smart and tidy for the open evening. Steve spent most of the day striming and grass cutting, while Vic did the Gardening.

A familiar shot of Vic, striking the pose!

In readiness also for the Open evening, Mike and Keith covered the temp shelter, just in case we may have inclement weather on Friday, this will be the home of the BBQ and Bar.

Did I mention the Open Evening !


  1. In the caption for picture 8 it says "Using slabs and blocks they have made a good start, only to be held up by old stubborn roots!" That is not a nice thing to say about the rest of the team! (LOL)

  2. I can't make the open evening on Friday but hope to call in during the morning of Saturday 28th. Is that a normal working day for you? Your dedication and pride have my admiration; the quality of your work shines through. Richard

  3. Excellent progress in all areas. Best of luck for the open evening(weatherwise). Don't forget when the platform edging slabs go back on, that they should NOT be painted white on their edges, as this was/is a guide for enginemen of where to stop the end of the first carriage of the train in the event of lighting failure or wartime conditions!! Regards, Paul.