Thursday, 12 May 2016

A Day of High And Low Jobs!

Wednesday 11th May

28 Volunteers turned out on an overcast and dull morning with the forecast for rain later in the day, soon it was a case of onward, upwards and downwards!

The carpentry department had the highest tasks of the day, now that the scaffolding has been erected around the foot bridge they can carry on with the fitting of the fascia boards.

Here we see Peter cutting a spacer, the metal hoops are over 100 years old and in places they have slightly warped and twisted. Some spacers had to be placed to take out the various ins and out and give the fascia boards a straight look.

By the end of the day both sides had been completed, soon the dagger boards will be ready to be fitted. Brian had the task of drilling the holes in the dagger boards its not one of the more exciting jobs, especially when the are a few hundred of them to do!

Brian on the hole cutter.

Here Brian is showing the "two Petes" some of the days work ready now for fitting. In the foreground are the two fascia boards which are for the gable ends, you can now see what the profile of the roof is going to look like, it is hoped to fit these on Saturday.

And now the low jobs 

John C, Tony and Jo started to install the surface water drainage from the station building to the central drain on the track bed.

At the end of the day its nearly ready for the 
drainage pipes, just the platform foundations to
cut through !!

Elsewhere further down the track bed to north, Keith and Ian where also helping out down the drains. They were helping the Lineside Drainage management team led by Andy Protherough. The drainage for the track bed heads north onto "Sustran" territory and we have been given permission to inspect and clear the drains beyond our site to stop the back up of drainage water. Sorry no pictures maybe next time.

John S was the only person working on the station building today, he succeeded in the installation of the gas meter box, brick laying above and around, on the south-side of the building.

And there are always bricks to be moved!!
A team of several volunteers throughout the day shifted blues up to near the platform gap .in readiness of the closure. 

Also around the site, Graham and Mike undercoated more dagger boards and then moved on to the footbridge, Vic was clearing the fence line and  Julie was in the Goods shed.

Another view of the station building from the footbridge 

Can I remind everyone that the Friday before the coming bank holiday, May 27th, sees the Broadway Area Group's annual open evening. Local residents, supporters of the project and other volunteers are welcome to visit us, the event usually starts at 6:30 pm and lasts until 8:30 and we aim to lay on refreshments such as burgers and hot dogs with tea, coffee, beer and wine to wash them down. There should also be music and a raffle.


  1. I wished my builders worked half as hard, first drop of rain yesterday they all went home! so I am going to show them these pictures. I am trying to arrange to get to the open evening but it may be difficult being a bank holiday Friday. By the way have any seating benches of GWR design been thought of? If I can swing past my other half i may well buy one to donate to the station.(solely for the volunteers use after all their efforts! Well done guys and girls.

  2. We already have enough benches, but would welcome purchases of shares, which is critical at the moment.

  3. Andy Protherough's photos of Wednesday's drainage work can be found on his Flickr Photostream