Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Wind and Rain Didn't stop Play

Wednesday 9th March 2016

The atrocious overnight and morning wind and rain didn't stop 23 volunteers turning up to do various jobs around the site today.

The previous day the paint sprayers had given the footbridge span its first coat of primer, the pictures below show the progress so far.

Centre walkway also showing the additional strengthening plates.

Right hand side and a hoop waiting for spraying

With no let up of the cold and wet weather it was still not possible to lay the station building concrete floor but there was still work to do on the drainage with the removing of the last shuttering box on the last inspection hatch. What was found that the drainage was working, the heavy rain from the car park was flowing into the inspection hatches and flowing down to the last hatch.

Here is Clive emptying out the last hatch, Tony has made a make shift ditch to also aid the removal of the excess water. The last hatch is still to be connected to the sewer.

Water problem sorted it was decided to raise the ground around the south side of the station building, this will give the brick layers a better surface to work from.

Terry here is fitting the last backslab on platform 2. Steve had cut the angled slab and all that was needed some gentle persuasion to get it in place. 

Job done all that was needed was to back fill!

Another day another window frame to paint, Keith has been allowed due the wind and rain (and space) into the carpentry tent. Here he is finishing off priming one of the smaller windows before moving on to the much larger windows.

 Another outstanding job was at the southern ends of platforms 1 and 2. The last 6 feet of the platform wings on both sides were cracking and sinking down, it was found the foundations were not of sufficient depth. These had been laid after the rest of the platform. So with John and the help of his mini digger the wings were removed and new foundations dug.

Here a discarded wing has been moved to the side, it will be stripped of all usable bricks and be rebuilt when the new foundations are in place.

Else where on site Julie manned the shop (do not mention the cold), Vic cleared more shrubbery and vegetation and a trip to the car park by a team saw more vegetation around the ditch being cleared. Peter and Dave also did various carpentry jobs.

Finally another view from the footbridge towers, this time from tower 2 .

Here looking down on the mess hut and office, the tower on platform 1, the fuel store and brickies hut (not to mention the little green cubicle)

This view of the station building showing the rows of blocks and bricks patiently waiting.


  1. Just a thought Don't know whether you have a GWR plate for the door the signal box in store but I've spotted an aluminium replica on eBay for just £20 plus £3.50 post and packing. Like I say, just a thought. Great work by all the gang, by the way.

    1. Thanks for the thought St Blazey 1925, we do have a doorplate already.