Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sponsor a lamppost?

GWR Lamp Post Appeal


A small group of Broadway Area Group members have been trying to buy genuine GWR lamp posts at auction, but have come to the conclusion that this is not an effective way of buying the 10 or more lamp posts that we need for the station. After speaking to a local foundry, we have come to an attractive arrangement where we can now cast our own replicas. Thanks to a supportive blog reader we have been able to commission our own pattern, and we are now ready to order our own posts. But - we have promised the BAG committee, already dealing with the extra costs arising from the footbridge, that we will raise the funds ourselves, so can you help us?


The costs involved are as follows:


Cost of making a GWR platform post pattern: £2000 - sponsor found.

Cost of a replica casting: £350. 10 required.

Cost of lamp top: £150, or £170 if equipped with the letters 'BROADWAY' on the glass.
This is what a GWR platform lamp post and its top look like:

We are very keen to get Broadway station as authentic as possible, so if you'd like to help by sponsoring a GWR post, please get in touch with Jo Roesen, email breva2011 (at) and he will send you a Gift Aid form, and the address of the GWR Trust that is collecting the funds on our behalf.


Thank you for your help!

If this appeal is over subscribed any surplus will be allocated to the Rebuilding Broadway Station Appeal


  1. Please also consider setting up a Just Giving or similar web page so those of us that can't afford a large sum can contribute jointly towards one/some.

    1. This is a small, very specific short term appeal.
      The main fund raising effort will be the EIS share issue at Easter, to which we very much hope you will subscribe, as without it we won't even get to Broadway. If it is like the Bridges to Broadway issue, you should be able to subscribe with only £100. And get a chance to recover some of your tax paid !
      Thank you for your interest, which we appreciate very much.

  2. I agree with anonymous. Don't forget some of us are overseas.

  3. My donation towards a lamp post is in the post :)
    Great progress at Broadway cannot wait to pay a visit in the New Year

  4. Have you considered letting other railways know you have a pattern? Also how about listing the first one on eBay for a profit and seeing if there is a market. If you do sell it make another.

    1. It did cross our minds that, once we have a pattern, that we might turn it into a source of revenue. We would need to discuss this with the plc first.
      In the meantime, if anyone is interested, they are welcome to say so to the email address above.

  5. Bulk orders for members wanting one for their garden to make them cost effective?