Friday, 11 December 2015

Ring Beam Day

Friday 11th December

Do not normally post a blog on Friday because working on this day at Broadway is unusual, however this was the day that the crane was available so 5 of us turned up.

Erecting the ring beam was the reason for the activity, crane and cherry picker had been ordered for an 8 am start but unfortunately only one of these vital machines arrived on time. All these big strong men on site and not a single cherry could be picked before 10 o'clock. Frustrating to say the least.

We valiantly tried to make contact with the Chinook overhead (the thing that looks like a dead fly is on the negative) in the hope that he could provide some assistance but we were totally ignored. Obviously bigger fish to fry!

We did eventually get the act together and fortunately we were blessed with an absolutely brilliant crane driver who not only turned up with a crane of twice the rating specified at no extra cost but pandered to our every need without a single complaint. He did say that it was par for the course.
John C is on the cherry picker getting ready to position and bolt down the first section of the ring beam. Pete and Mike are looking on with interest on this occasion.
Peter and John S were acting as slingers at this stage in the proceedings and are guiding the next section as the 85 tonne crane delicately lifts it into position.
Mike had suggested that we all sit on the beam at lunchtime and be hoisted into the air to have our photo taken in the manner of the American steel erectors of the 1930s. A tantalising thought. Did we dare do that or not, for us to know and you to wonder?

By early afternoon the ring beam had been largely hoisted in position and the group at the far right are pondering the next step, the tie bars. The tie bars are being used to secure the right hand side and left hand side ring beams as a temporary measure until the roof steelwork has been manufactured and installed.
The view looking south at the end of the day with the tie bars in place.
Tomorrow most of the Broadway Area Group toddles off to a local hostelry to enjoy our Christmas lunch. There should be a blog tomorrow but the theme maybe slightly different from usual.