Monday, 30 November 2015

A good start to the week

Monday 30th November

A brief update on the efforts of the 7 volunteers on site today.

The aim was to complete the installation of the stanchions on the side of the station building nearest the station drive with the remaining 6 currently lying on the ground.

The crew moving the girders into position
During the morning it seemed doubtful that the target would be achieved not necessarily because of rain, it wasn't that heavy, but because rainwater was running off the sodden land adjacent to the site and was continually trying to enter the holes that had just been drilled this entailed much use of the broom to divert the flow into newly created sumps.

John drilling the last hole just before lunch assisted by Clive with the
spirit level to ensure the holes are as vertical we can get them.
The last stanchion receiving its washers and nuts from Peter
Well, this story has a happy ending because despite some trials and tribulations we were able to get all the remaining posts erected and secured to the foundations so finishing this stage of the project.
Above is the view looking north.

And the view looking south.
Thought is now being given to the installing of the ringbeam atop the stanchions.
An unusual angle looking across the site taken from the Toddington end of the signal box and showing progress that has been made on building the steps from platform to locking room. The concrete blocks were put in position to hold the back slabs while the concrete was setting.

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