Friday, 7 August 2015

Windows 12

Friday 7th August.
A significant day in the construction of the signal box with
 the installation of 12 of the 14 operating room windows.

An unusual view of Broadway signal box before work started today. The work carried out by the painters in priming the inside of the roof can be clearly seen.

Paul Richards, the joiner who has manufactured the windows, arrived early this morning with his assistant Bart and a van load of windows. The first window was soon going in.

With the first bay completed.....

...attention moved to the Honeybourne end of the box


And then the 2nd bay

Followed by the third

And the 4th

The view from the Toddington end with all of the windows in the front of the box in place.
Last job of the day was the hanging of the operating room door, this is waiting for the door furniture to be fitted which will have to be next week along with the remaining two windows.
Just ran out of time!

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