Thursday, 6 August 2015

Much work and good progress

Wednesday 5th August

The painters have completed the priming of the signal box roof and have also had time to rub down and prime the locking room window frames. 

Spirit levels are not hammers!!
The viewing platform has been extended towards the edge of platform 1 so that
our visitors can have a better view of the work going on.

Laying out the base for the new shed
One of the tasks for the day was putting up a recently donated shed to house all the wheelbarrows and shovels ready for making a start on the station building.  A dumper load of paving slabs was brought down from the stock pile and laid out with suitable levelling of the ground. The gusting wind caused some problems in getting the shed sections in place. However by the end of the day it was up and only the felt roofing to go on to finish it off.

It will look better

At the other end of the site the dumper was used to ferry the remaining excess soil down to the car park. This took all morning to do but has now all gone. Again this was needed to be removed as when the footings for the station are excavated there will be 2 dumpers going to and from the car park

The last of the soil

Site of the main station building
Monday next week sees the start of the digging and concreting of the foundations for the main station building.
Some time was spent inspecting the Malvern side boundary fence line to see the extent of repairs necessary to make it secure again

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