Monday, 10 August 2015

Good foundations

A start was made today on digging and concreting the foundations for the main station building

However an unpromising start to the day when one of the two hired-in dumpers had a severe case of Monday morning blues and refused to move on its own so had to be winched back on to the lorry and taken back to the depot.

Once that little hiccup had been dealt with the JCB soon got stuck in.

With the Construction manager ensuring that the trench was dug to the correct dimensions.

And giving an opportunity for the railway's own 1 tonne dumper to achieve its moment of fame by stepping into the breach and taking over from one of its much bigger 9 tonne cousins. As can be seen in the background, shovel leaning lessons were also taking place...

The faulty dumper was not the only obstacle that the day had in store. It seems that 1904 was a good year for concrete!

By the end of the day the trench along the platform side had been completed ready for a pour of concrete on Tuesday. The row of pipes running up the centre of the trench indicate where the top level of the concrete will be when the pour is finished.

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