Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Very Busy Day!

                                                                 Wednesday 12th August

There were 23 volunteers on duty today and there was much activity across the whole site.
The contractors, Graham Morrison Ltd, together with a strong band of volunteers led by Tony and Clive pressed on with the foundations to the station building.

This picture shows the extent of the foundations along the platform side. A similar length of footings will be progressively dug on the driveway side together with footings for internal walls. The mini digger and volunteers can be seen continuing these but had to be interrupted at various times to allow the concrete to be poured into the platform side trench.

 The last delivery for today. This was the third lorry load of concrete, in addition to the 4 loads on Tuesday, with more expected on Thursday.

On the lower part of the signal box Brian completed the washing down of the brick work. It is a very time consuming task but by the end of the day it was completed thus enabling the scaffolding to be removed next Wednesday - something to really look forward to!

Here is the inside of the signal box having received a coat of white primer. The undercoat and top coat will added next week when Mike will be back. Graham and Peter Q are seen here discussing the next stages. Peter finished off the very tricky task of completing all the small wooden infills (he estimated over 200!). What a sight it will be when the levers and the rest of the equipment is installed.

In anticipation of the scaffolding being removed next week Peter T completed the extension to the viewing platform. This will give our visitors an excellent view of the whole project. The signal box has not suddenly started to lean backwards it is an illusion.

We were very fortunate in having the services of Richard from Fairview for 4 hours in the morning. This enabled us to select and turn the slabs for cutting and moving them to the end of platform 2C. Steve on the masonry cutter managed to trim a further 4 slabs with 7 more to go. In the picture above Terry and Richard assisted by Rod in the morning, Paul on the mixer and Peter H finally laid a further 4 slabs. Another 2 or 3 sessions should see this task completed.

After lunch the roofing felt was added to the new tool shed on platform 1C. Here Terry and Paul fix the first strip. By the end of the day the job was completed and to an excellent standard.

The completed shed
Vic and Martin carried on with the task of clearing years on tree growth and vegetation from the Western boundary fence line. This will enable us the determine what remedial work will be required to the fence here.

In all a very busy day for all the volunteers on site.

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