Sunday, 16 August 2015

Business as usual

Saturday 16th August

Limited coverage of Saturday's activities at Broadway due to a slight misunderstanding about who was reporter-in-chief but the following is included just to confirm that it was business as usual.

John B took the gazebo and display down to the green in Broadway for the Picnic on the Green event. Thanks go to Stuart W for helping to set up. Not a bad day overall, and the punters seemed to be enjoying themselves. Quite a lot of interest in our progress at the station and on the extension.

Half way there in the boundary fence survey, thanks to Robin & Phil
for helping Vic cut back the brambles and ivy.

The view of the completed foundations looking from the Honeybourne end. John and Tony spent most of the day setting out the next phase of the station building construction which will be the erection of the internal walls.

Now that the footbridge hoops have been moved nearer the workshop Peter K and Jo were able to spend the day working on them, removing some hard to get to rivets to make the hoops easier to work on before welding some new material in place while Brian made an access ramp for the recently donated shed.

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