Thursday, 16 July 2015

Station Roof News

Toddington Station looking towards Broadway
A meeting was convened today at Toddington between the Plc chairman, the construction manager, members of the heritage committee, members of the loco dept, a construction consultant (giving his time as a volunteer) and a BAG member. The meeting was a very productive one with an informed discussion which led to the decision that, without impacting on the construction programme, the roof canopy steelwork will be referred back to the structural engineer for a re-design so that roof trusses and herring bone purlins can be manufactured by the loco dept members based as closely as possible on the old original designs and principals at very little, if any, additional cost.
Construction of the lower steel frame from ground to top of brickwork will continue with some temporary steel ties in place of the trusses so that brickwork/blockwork construction can proceed with all due speed. The fabricated trusses can then be fitted once the brickwork is finished. It has previously been agreed that the originally proposed slate roof shown on the first issue rebuild drawing can be replaced with corrugated iron (steel) in conjunction with canopy glazing as at Toddington.

Toddington Station roof

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