Sunday, 11 March 2018

No "Point" Changing

Saturday 10th March

We were fortunate to have a good "Turnout" of GWSR volunteers today at Broadway Station, all 28 of us! The weather was not too bad, occasional drizzle, mostly dry and sunshine for the end of the day.
It was very much the usual jobs that had been done all week, i.e. shaping up of the platforms and laying stone kerbs, although we did manage to shape up some of the driveway footpath ready for the tarmac to be applied next week.

Friday Visitor

A trial run to assess all things are all ok

Foremarke Hall and empty coaching stock.

The next set of photos are thanks to Phil.

Platform 1 North

First the covering of Platform 1 with many barrow loads of Blinding.

Once Platform 1 was completed, it was down to the driveway footpath.


In this photo is Roger, I suppose one should not call him a "Dodger" as he has just recovered from a stay in hospital so has been absent with leave!

Station Front

The Buildings & Services team were here again laying stone kerbs and, by the end of the day, had completed their target. Also the painters were able to finish painting the front doors.

Still to do to finish off is the slab laying and correcting the road level.

Blast from the Past













  1. I would have thought that even in 1904 the doors would have had light stone panelling.
    but, hey, the finish is wonderful whatever the colour scheme.
    The station really looks something with a Hall and 8 coaches in the platform. This is what we were all waiting for. Now it is a reality !
    Regards, Paul.

    1. We have been advised by a heritage consultant that the doors were all brown outside, with a light stone panel inside.
      The benches were all brown too.

  2. Many thanks for the update and a reminder of what has been done in a relatively short time with your archive views from 2016. The driveway path progress is particularly good, given the amount of work that had to be done and the fact that most users of Broadway Station will use the driveway footpath, or come by train of course!

  3. Many thanks for the update.

    Yes, the arrival of the train behind Foremarke Hall was quite an occasion, wasn't it. Jo Roesen was very quick to post pictures of the event on his blog.

    The platform is looking splendid, ready for its tarmac. It must have been a wearisome job shifting all that gravel (is it gravel?) then raking it smooth and rolling it flat. Well done !

    I hope the surface of the station forecourt is not a problem, until it's renewal, post opening. I was thinking particularly of surface rainwater and drainage. But I'm sure you can handle that.

    Perhaps you'll get time to level it a bit before Lord Faulkner sees it !

    Many thanks for blast from the Past. How that brings back memories.

    Good luck with everything.


  4. Well done Team BAG, formation wheel barrow pushing that would put the Red Arrows to shame. We think you were all pretty shattered at the end of the day! as I type I can see the security camera view and the tarmac looks pretty complete on the station platform. Now if only I could see the real time action without leaving the blog entry and going back to the security camera view I would have the window open in the corner of my work screen and I would not have missed Foremarke Hall's arrival last week!!! OK some you win some you lose!
    thanks again for the report, keep warm and also now don't forget to put up the Health & Safety sign on the platform edge for the workers
    Paul & Marion