Thursday, 8 March 2018

How Many Barrows?

Monday 5th March

Thanks to Dave H a couple of photos taken Monday. The wood working team Peter Q, Brian T and Dave H. Preparing the platform ready for rolling are Rod and Keith S.

Tuesday 6th March

There were nine BAG volunteers today working mainly on the southern end of Platform 1 bringing the surface up to the right level prior to the application of tarmac. The fitting out of the toilets was nearing completion and by the end of the day all entrance doors had sills.

Unfortunately, my camera broke down again so no further photos.

Wednesday 7th March

We had 26 in today. Nearly standing room only in the mess room! Fortunately, the weather was not too bad so some sat outside. Photos supplied by Dave H.

Building and Services

The B&S team were again laying the stone kerbs and moving towards completion of this task. They had two barrows in use.

The Slab Team

Not far behind was the slab laying team; the surface having been prepared. They also had two barrows in use.

The Surface Dressing Team

With the completion of the southern end of the platform before lunch, things resumed on the shaping up at the northern end.

In these two photos, you can see the surface dressing being laid. They had ten barrows in use!

The Shoveller

Tuesday saw a large delivery of surface dressing, but by late afternoon on Wednesday it was nearly all gone! Vic was on the shovel with a little help from his friends. Martin one of the barrow movers.


The Ballast Train was at the station again today delivering a small quantity of ballast where it was needed. Looking from the Ticket Office, "Is that my train to Cheltenham?"

Doors and Drains

Below Neal C is working on one of the doors, whilst Peter Q is fixing the down pipe.


The three painters, Graham and the two Mikes, were completing the painting in the Booking Hall and Ticket Office. Here in the next photo is Mike S fitting glass and bulbs to the lamp posts.

Grandpa Vic (I've been given this name by Jo in his Blog)


  1. Great to see the progress - it's looking good! Have the services, water, electricity and gas been connected and commissioned now? I assume that the sewage connection has been in place for some time?

  2. Looking at the last photo, I reckon the Signal Sighting Committee (assuming the railway has one!) will have something to say about that tree obscuring the Platform 1 Starting Signal!

  3. Good to read the latest news. Fascinating, as ever.
    You are all doing wonderful work, as always. Now that you've fitted and painted the wood panelling, the Booking Office really looks the part.

    The paving is really coming along very nicely. You're not far from the end of the station building, are you ? I gather you can't finish the job until the contractors have laid the tarmac. Well, that's understandable. I hope the (relatively) good weather holds.

    I can't say I like the look of the old forecourt surface. I can see it's too high, and needs to be scraped down. And who knows what drains lie beneath and at what depth. Might not the dispersal of surface water (if we have much rain in the next few weeks) be a problem ? I hope not, and I'm sure you can handle it. Yes, I know this a job post opening. I hope all is well until it's sorted.

    As the French say, Bon chance, mes braves !


  4. Really like the booking office. It's really coming along, even more so with the picture of the loco outside.
    I'm praying for fine weather, (hope it works).
    The paving out front is looking great.
    Not long now!
    Regards, Paul.

  5. Another number of tasks being completed, all looking good for the opening, hope you all get a good completion bonus for all the hard work done. You are all doing a fantastic job on our new "Lady". The booking office is looking very good and we cant wait to be able to get there and have a good look at the final job you have done so well. It is a pity that you could not use the Bobcat for the leveling job on the platforms! Great work and another great report, when the camera is fixed can you do a photo shoot report ?
    Paul & Marion.

  6. Many thanks for the update as usual. It's been a difficult time for most UK residents recently trying to get on with things so, hopefully, the weather will be kinder to us all for a while. One of the big issues when the Station and extension reopens will be managing expectations as the Broadway site will take some time to complete (3 or 4 years or even more perhaps) but your blog is an excellent way to put things into perspective for those of us who live further away and visit infrequently.