Thursday, 1 March 2018

March on to the End!

28th February 2018

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

On a day with zero temperatures it was nice to benefit from the warmth of a fire. Vic, with help from Peter, Dave, Paul, Clive, Ray, Dave B & Tony collected all the rubbish stacked on Platform 1 and moved to Platform 2.

The Wanderer

This mug seems to have a mind of its own! It has been spotted in a large variety of places over the years. It belongs to Paul who seems to require a strong cuppa tea wherever he is around the station. Yesterday was Paul's birthday so at the morning break a large chocolate cake appeared, but not for long with all those hungry mouths to feed!!


Terry and his team unable to do any slab laying because of the very cold temperatures, set about a modification to part of the frontage drains.

Saturday 24th

I was not able to do my usual Saturday Blog as I was at the Station Staff AGM, but Phil passed over two photos.  A team hard at work levelling off Platform 1 ready for the next covering.

Todays' photos are submitted thanks to Dave as my camera's battery went flat.

Building & Services

B&S were with us again today working along the front of the station. They placed stone kerbs in readiness for when the better weather arrives and installation can commence. Also, the area has been dressed ready for slab laying.

Permanent Way

The Tamper had been up and down the running line followed by the Ballast Regulator, so hopefully, final adjustments have been made. See Broadway Extension Blog for an update.

The Toilets

Further fitting out of the Gents, Disabled and Ladies toilets have taken place, with cubicle walls now installed.

Ticket Office

Further work has also been carried out on the walls of the Ticket Office and Booking Hall.

BAG Member

I have discovered yet another member who is a bit camera shy! Here is Edna, one of the Bric-a-Brac Shop ladies.


  1. You are still attending in this weather! great efforts there by you all, looking forward to the opening, stay warm everyone!
    Paul & Marion

  2. The unfortunate part of your statement being that the NEXT covering for the platform was one of SNOW!
    The ticket office is coming long well. Hope there will be the traditional glass in the ticket windows with the associated holes for speech and the tickets and money to be exchanged.
    The interior of the office will, of course, take time to construct in the traditional way, of which there are many pictures to draw info. from. For example: the safe being in a cupboard of its own. The cash drawers with the circular money bowls set into its interior. The large amount of drawers to file away all the little bits and pieces. Not to forget the built in ticket stock cupboard, with its double doors. Also a pigeon hole rack affixed to the wall for books and paperwork.
    A dummy fireplace would also look good. glimpsed through the ticket window made traditionally of slate. And not to forget, appropriate lighting - NOT fluorescent tubes!
    As I say, this will all take time.
    Looking forward to seeing steam return to Broadway.
    Regards, Paul.

  3. Many thanks for the news. You've certainly been having some awful weather. It must be very frustrating to be held up on paving the frontage by the severe cold. In fact, I wonder you're able to get anything done at all outdoors.

    The interior of the station is coming along very nicely.

    Well done, and let's hope it gets milder soon. You keep warm if you can !