Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Broadway or Bust

Wednesday 21st March

The BAG team had a holiday today so all went for a train ride on the GWSR. Where did they go? No one had a bucket and spade so it was not to the seaside. It was a trip to Broadway, Worcestershire but only as far as the railway station and back.

Off to Winchcombe

Our locomotive, backing onto the coaches, was P & O for today. This travelled with a full train of Volunteers & Shareholders to Winchcombe where it ran round the coaches to head off for Broadway.

On the Coach

Here is the coach which is full of  Broadway Area Group.

On the Platform

Who is This?

Why if it's not that Garden Gnome escaped from the flower bed.


We had interviews taken by Winchcombe Radio and BBC West Midlands travelling with us so lots of interest to hear and see.



  1. I did see the train in the platform on the security camera but missed the engine as I had to go out. The stock looked splendid.
    Glad you had a great day. (Even gnomes need a jolly now and then!).
    Regards, Paul.

    1. That's exactly what I was going to say ! So there's no point in my saying the same thing over again.

      Glad you had a nice day... The crowd in the sunshine looked very happy. And to be hauled by 35006 Peninsular & Oriental. It's a magnificent machine, isn't it.

      But no thoughts from the passengers to enliven the comment box ?
      Come now, gentlemen !


  2. Very good piece on Midlands Today (BBC) which was factual and not full of silly train puns. It was respectful, accurate and a warm and fitting tribute to a massive achievement. Tonight's 'Good News' story .....

    1. Agreed that it was done well. Great publicity!

    2. Just watched it on BBC: about ten minutes in. Very well done, everyone

  3. Many congratulations to you all, hope you enjoyed a well deserved day on the cushions! I can remember back in 1983 the station site being an expanse of ballast and weeds whilst P&O was a dismantled Barry wreck at Toddington. To see both looking so good and back to life in 2018 is a fantastic testament to all the volunteers at GWSR

  4. well done ive been watching this and the other blogs since the first foundations went infor the platforms. amazing.

  5. As with all the above comments. How wonderful our new "lady" looks. As on the extension blog, "Gods Wonderful Railway" What a wonderful day and achievement.
    Paul & Marion

  6. Have we got clear signposts from the village green to the station provided by/with the parish council?