Thursday, 18 January 2018

A Full House!

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Twenty-five  intrepid volunteers signed in today & we received numerous visits, including contractors' lorries, Building Services Dept. & Tim Bright of Steam Railway magazine. The day was dry & bright but bitterly cold with a continuous wind.

A few pictures first of the results from Monday's work:

The finished post & rail fence & gate, closing off the ground between platform 1 & driveway footpath.

 The post for Gent's modesty screen & second gate post for the double gates behind platform 1 are now concreted into position, adjacent to each-other .

 JCB Steve had dug out three pits for the concrete bases for bridge staircase and canopy supports. The prepared shuttering for the landing support can be seen in place.

Onto Wednesday's activities:

Neal is seen preparing more shuttering. This time for the bases of the eventual canopy extension on the northern side of the station.

During the day he was also busy, with help from Peter Q & Dave H, fitting panelling in the booking hall.
Mike T spent most of the day putting a first undercoat on recently fitted spear fencing panels & the steel gate posts.                                                                                                                                          

             Vic finished off fixing a few fence rails & then went round with the wood preserver.

Peter K brought along the final section of spear fencing he had recently fabricated & you can see him in the early stages of installing it  in the gap.                                                                                            

Contractor Stevie W assisted by moving some of the excavated waste soil onto the fenced area between platform 1 & driveway. He helped level where he could with the backacter.                        

 Davis & Sons then arrived with 10 tons of top soil, much of this was raked level over the same area by Gordon, Clive, Keith S & friends.

A few bags, surplus to immediate requirements, were stored next to our supply concrete aggregate. 

                     Elliott's lorry made two trips to remove a pile of unwanted excavated soil.

                                       Fairview arrived with a supply of concrete aggregate.

 Fairview also supplied Richard & lorry to transport heavy granite curb stones from storage at Winchcombe & Toddington. We can see members of Building Services Dept. assisting with the offloading & Richard at the controls.

Bob W & Tony set drainage channels alongside the platform wall of the station

 Clive assisted John C, in the morning packing sand around previously laid drainage.

In the afternoon JCB Steve prepared a trench for B&S to start laying the footings for the kerbs

            An interesting original drain cover was unearthed by JCB Steve whilst cutting the trench.

 Finally, Tim Bright from Steam Railway Magazine was escorted around the sight by publicity director Ian Crowder. He paid us a visit to take photos & prepare for an article which should appear in the March issue of Steam Railway.
We see Tim Bright, second left, with Dave B, Alan Miller & Ian Crowder in the café area.

Thank you for viewing.                                                                                                                            
Paul Carter                                                                                                                                               


  1. What a range of jobs all going on! I can see what is happening now at the southern end of the building with the modesty screens (I made an assumption last blog and completely got it wrong). The concreting of the canopy extension supports and bridge steps supports will ensure that eventually they will come to fruition. That is good to see. The granite kerbing at the front of the building will give it an air of history and help it all tie together.
    Steve is a God send. He turns his hand (and JCB) to anything.
    Well done all of you. Regards, Paul.

  2. Some amazing transformations happening at Broadway. The new "Lady" is certainly being dressed well! Good to see steam Railway magazine will be doing a report on the station and the activities going on to get her ready for the official opening and then on to the Easter opening. Again good pictures of the progress Paul, so again thanks for the update.
    Paul & Marion

  3. Great update again, thanks!

    Just a spot of pedantry from me: "Finally, Tim Bright from Steam Railway Magazine was escorted around the sight by...." should be spelled "site".

    1. Quite right. You have a "rite" perhaps to pick me up on that.

  4. I was wondering if there will be provision for wheel chair access to the front entrance, or elsewhere?

    1. Yes, there will be dropped kerbs at the main entrance and also at the south end of the building.

  5. great work all round don't forget the CAFE.

  6. I am confused as the so called gents modesty screen appears to be at the wrong end of the building?

    1. Mike says he is confused ! Well, so am I !! The gents is at the north end of the station, so why have a modesty screen at the south end ? In any case the door to the Gents opens directly off the platform (as, very unusually, does the Ladies at Leamington Spa as rebuilt in the 1930s.) There is no doorway in the north wall. Therefore, it seems there's no need for a modesty screen at that end either !

      Well, I've no doubt BAG know exactly what they're doing. So, I'll just have to wait and see the south end when it's finished ! Good luck with all the works which seem to be progressing very well.

      Yours confusedly,

      Peter Wright

    2. The name comes about because the original station, like most at the time, had an outdoor urinal for gents at the southern end, protected from onlookers by said modesty screen. If you look at the planning documents on the Wychavon Council website, you will see that this area is in fact now going to hide the bins - hence the doorway from the kitchen area. Search for planning applications W/13/01373 and NM/15/02039.

  7. The original station building had the gents at the southern end together with a modesty screen. The present structure is presumably being positioned to recapture something of the authentic look of the building - a welcome touch of historical detail among many that the BAG and GW Trust members have worked hard to have incorporated. Hopefully in time maybe the guttering might be replaced with the original deep profile version to balance the appearance of the wooden mouldings on the canopy ends. It all helps to achieve the right period look.

    1. 1. That's it, yes.
      2. I hope so too, the guttering needs to be a bigger profile.

  8. I expect that the modesty screens will hide the Grundon waste bins which will fill up due with packaging due to the volume of merchandise sold in the café !

    Hope that there's room outside for some tables and chairs to enable visitors to enjoy drinks and snacks prior to arrival of trains ? It all looks very neat and tidy outside ,well done .john M.

    1. Tables and chairs as at Winchcombe would be nice, but I think the platform is much narrower (more like Toddington) so I would have thought they'd get in the way?

  9. Well, thanks for the comments, gentlemen. So, the screen will hide the bins ? Now that will be useful. I look forward to seeing the finished product !

    Peter Wright