Thursday, 30 November 2017

More of the Same on a Cold Day

29th November 2017

It was a dress up warm day for the 23 hardy volunteers that turned up today, for the wind that usually blows across the fields from the south was in complete reverse and blowing down the track bed from the north, but a pleasant enough day though, especially for those with the heavy manual jobs.

On the Drive

Last week saw the removal of the hut and in its place was appearing a coach pull in area.

Steve and his trusty JCB had previously cleared an area, then filled it with spent ballast then spread type 1 onto that and levelled roughly.

Using a mini roller it was flattened and by the end of the morning it was being used as an area to park a few cars.
Later Steve used the same roller to re flatten platform 1.

On the other side of the drive it was the team of Rod and Terry. With help of others they were laying  the edging slabs following the line of the fence towards the station building.

The horizontals on the fence were being attached by Vic and Steve.

Higher up the drive a hole was extended to try and find the underground power feeding the nearby houses. Later this week the power company will connect the station building to this feed .

Its down there somewhere!!

At the Station Building

Dave H and Brian were making new window beading, several pieces have been lost since the fitting of the windows and having sourced the right size and shape they were then cut to length and new bevels cut to match the existing.

Brian measuring the new beading.

Elsewhere Graham and the two Mikes were second and maybe third coating the window frames.

This is nearly the finished article in one of the toilets.
Up in the roof space John S and Peter Q had started the installation and boarding of the station building.

Peter all ready 
Not much room below the roof,  the layer of insulation had to be a certain thickness to comply with building regulations. To get the correct thickness an additional joist had to be inserted as seen in the second photo.

Not an easy job, especially for those with dodgy knees and bad backs!

The early part of the day saw the erecting of the trestles and boards in the booking hall ready for when the plasterers make a start on it on Saturday followed by the store room and the booking office. Cafe and Kitchen areas will be left to the New Year.

And finally a picture of what will be the Ladies toilets after the trestles had been removed now just waiting for the final skimming of plaster.


  1. Much progress on all fronts. At least it's dry. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. I am surprised that you are making a bus turning/parking location where the shed used to be. I understood the planning permission required the land to be restored to a "woodland glade" when the shed was removed.
    Extract from planning permission notice from Wychavon DC:
    "The building and uses hereby authorised shall be discontinued and the land restored to its former condition as a woodland glade on or before 5 year(s) from the date of this decision or from the substantial completion of the first station waiting room building, whichever is the sooner."

  3. It's all coming along very, very nicely and a credit to you all. Yes, very limited clearance working under the canopy on the roof! A bit like working under the floor boards, which I have done some of myself! 'All grist to the mill'. Regards, Paul.

  4. Great mid week progress specially with the cold wind. All starting to look very good for the grand opening. Thanks for the report and pictures David.
    Paul & Marion.

  5. great progress ,can a coach turn in this area ,thought it would be higher up .Look forward to the building being ready for Easter ,do you have volunteer help planned on more days in the new year so rooms can be finished in time .A good example is Pway's Clipathon with 20 volunteers coming to assist us on 13/12

    regards john M.

  6. I hope you find the electricity cable. Underground cables are fiddly things to muck about with, Be careful. And, if you can, stay warm !!

    And get your doors fitted. Loft insulation is all very well, but you need to keep the weather out. Now !

    Peter Wright

  7. What has been achieved is absolutely astonishing. Travelling from the racecourse to Broadway is on my bucket list for next year.

  8. Progress is excellent especially in the freezing weather. I am a little concerned that, once again, planning conditions are not being observed, unless an amending consent has been obtained very recently. As I have said before the GWSR must be 100 per cent compliant with legal matters.