Thursday, 29 November 2018

Frosty Location

Wednesday 21st November

Cor! It's cold! Extra clothing on for today. Vic, who was out in the walled garden, was the lookout for delivery lorries. First, a large van arrived with eight boxes. Second van arrived half hour later with a couple of large boxes and finally, a very large lorry arrived with a very big box.

These were not early Santa presents, but the arrival of kitchen equipment. This kept five volunteers busy opening the boxes and assembling the bits and pieces.

Saturday 24th November

Only two volunteers reported for duty today - Stuart and Vic. Stuart swept up the pine needles and Vic tidied up the flower beds 1, 2 & 3 at the driveway entrance. Planting polyanthas in the hope they will flower and add a bit of colour to the station grounds.

Track Side

The P/Way Team were at the station preparing the track bed to utilise a crossing for the wheel and push chairs .

Monday 26th November

Work has recommenced at the entrance to the station car park. Traffic control has been erected as contractors replace the temporary footings ready for the new layout.

Wednesday 28th November

What a difference in the weather! Quite mild today. Welcome back to Peter Q who had a quick spell in hospital. Got to take it easy!


First job was to empty the station store room in order that the floor could be cleaned and then receive its initial coat of sealer paint.

Paul, Tony & Vic removed all the paraphernalia, storing it in the Booking Hall. Paul finished off with the vacuum.


It was the turn of the painters, the two Mikes, to touch up the walls and ceiling before the permanent fixing of the kitchen equipment.

The Long Brush

The Short Brush

The Mike's

Looks like Mike is playing a tune?

Car Park Entrance

The contractors were progressing with the drainage at the entrance and positioning of the kerbing.

Track Side

The P/Way Team have yet to install the barrow crossing. The Santa Trains will approach Broadway as far as the turnout before the bridge.

Signal posts in the far distance by Childswickham Bridge.

Other Activities

Peter Q and Dave H were in the Wood Workshop constructing another cover for rubbish and recycling bin. Vic cleared out the cement hut of unwanted items, leaving just the equipment for the kerbing team. Finally, some of the spoil for the car park entrance was brought around by the contractors and deposited behind the kerbs installed at the top of the drive. This was then shovelled by Tony and Vic to level off the four heaps.

Vic (Blog Reporter)

A new blog site called " Friends of Broadway Station " has been created , which will deal with the everyday running of the Station similar to the Cheltenham Race course blog. The link can be found on the links page on the main web page.
Broadway Station Rebuild will show major works happening in the future .


  1. Great to see a blog from Broadway again. Haven't half missed them!
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Excellent progress. Do you still plan to reinstate the up line between the bridges? Or is that no longer going to happen because of the weak embankment.

  3. What has happened to the security camera live feed?

  4. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year at Broadway.
    Seasonal regards, Paul.

  5. When you consider how efficient the demolition team were at erasing all evidence of a railway station at Broadway, what has taken place in rebuilding and putting back the clock as far as possible is more than just remarkable. Are we perhaps taking an awful lot for granted?

    The earlier plan to offer no catering facilities at Broadway has, I see, been reversed. Not knowing the area apart from consulting road maps and village? plans leaves me more or less in the dark. Bridge strikes still topical?
    Nothing further on the improvement to the overbridge strike barriers?

    Had the station been sited south of its current location a bridge would not have been necessary, of course. Problem solved.?

  6. I think that you are here ruling out the eventual extension to Honeybourne, in which the rail overbridge will be then very necessary.
    Regards, Paul.